Sitrion ONE

Productivity in 60 Seconds on Any Mobile Device

ONE secure mobile app that delivers 80% of common enterprise use cases out-of-the-box.

Sitrion ONE

Build and Launch New Mobile Apps in Days.

Rapid app development that cuts costs & time to market by 86%. Secure, pre-built connectors to SAP, SharePoint, Salesforce and any REST endpoint.

Powerful Employee Productivity Solutions

Sitrion takes the complexity out of today’s world of work with personalized mobile & social experiences that help millions of employees globally be more connected & productive.

Improve Employee Productivity

Browsing through different systems or using different mobile apps to find relevant information and approve tasks wastes precious time. Sitrion boosts your employee's productivity with smart solutions like finding internal expertise faster, making internal communication & collaboration more efficient and aggregating approvals from cumbersome systems like SAP, SharePoint or Salesforce into one mobile productivity stream. 

Universal Approvals

Daily routines like approvals take too much time. In fact you can improve manager productivity by 16%, just by optimizing approvals. Sitrion's solutions place all of your approvals into one aggregated stream either on your mobile device or within your (social) intranet. Workflow tasks like quotes, purchase requests, invoices, timesheets, and time off requests can be managed in one place rather than multiple separate applications. Get the 'Easy Approval Processes' ebook

Actionable Insights

Sitrion ONE, our smart enterprise mobility solution, enables smarter and faster decision-making based on actionable insights. Sitrion ONE collects and distributes relevant information from multiple backend systems in one app, reducing time spent accessing multiple apps for pertinent information. Rethink enterprise mobility - watch this video

Productivity Stream

Get all relevant information in one place on your mobile device and take immediate action on important information like sales forecast changes, inventory level alerts, corporate news, or notifications on new job applicants. Whatever your role requires, you define the triggers for items that get pushed into your productivity stream. Learn more - watch this video

Engaged Employees

Using Sitrion solutions you can increase employee engagement levels by up to 74%. And research shows that engaged employees are more productive, more innovative, and take less sick days. In addition, 4 out of 10 social business leaders leverage Sitrion to collaborate more efficiently and significantly improve employee productivity (Source: InformationWeek). Learn more about our enterprise social solution

Mobilize Your Enterprise Efficiently

Security, development costs, and skills shortage are the main concerns associated with enterprise mobility. Our smart enterprise mobility product solves these with a compelling end-to-end solution that includes enterprise application integration, cloud-based management, and simplified native app delivery.

100% Native

Sitrion ONE enables you to implement a secure, BYOD mobile strategy, and delivers native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. No matter which mobile operating system or device you use, the ONE experience is the same – a robust productivity stream, integrated approvals, and easy-to-setup micro-apps. Rethink enterprise mobility - watch the video

Pre-Built Micro-Apps

Each user gets a custom set of micro-apps. With our pre-built micro-apps you provide immediate value and jumpstart your mobile initiative. Pre-built or custom micro-apps can be assigned in real-time to users based on roles, geography, etc. and are instantly available within the ONE app. ONE also provides a Microsoft Visual Studio based AppBuilder to create custom micro-apps that are built upon pre-packaged ONE capabilities (like push notifications, cards, single-sign-on, etc.). Learn more

Create Custom Mobile Scenarios in Days not Weeks

Skill shortage is a major threat for mobilizing your enterprise. Sitrion ONE lets you leverage your Microsoft .NET expertise instead of hiring rare iOS or Android talent. Check out our Visual Studio based AppBuilder and our native apps, and say goodbye to costly development costs and service providers. This smart approach helps you to save up to 90% of development cost and accelerates time to market by 87%. Discover 99+ use cases in ONE mobile App - Get this ebook

Enterprise Security in the Cloud

Sitrion ONE comes with a cloud-based architecture. The Sitrion ONE cloud platform provides all core capabilities like administration, role management, notifications, tasks, single-sign on, and backend integrations. ONE ensures secure access to all sensitive backend data with or without Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Mobile Application Management (MAM) solutions. Additionally it leverages your Active Directory Infrastructure. Learn more about the smart architecture in our on demand webinar

Powerful Backend Integration

Developing corporate mobile applications is costly. In fact backend integrations account for the majority of costs. Sitrion ONE comes with standard connectors to enterprise systems like SAP ERP, SAP Hana Cloud Platform, SharePoint, Exchange, Dynamics, Office365, Peoplesoft, Salesforce, and many more. ONE gives you the freedom to create custom micro-apps blending SAP data, SharePoint documents and Social comments. Watch our short videos about configuring SAP Leave Request app, utilizing a SAP Purchase Order app and leveraging a SharePoint list.

Best-in-Class ROI & TCO

Due to its smart design, our enterprise mobility solution delivers compelling commercial benefits for your enterprise particularly when you are planning to mobilize dozens of use cases.

90% Less Development Costs

Redundant coding for multiple ecosystems, user experiences, and backend integrations drive up costs for enterprise apps. Learn how Sitrion solutions can save you up to 90% in development costs across dozens of use cases. See Compare the options using our TCO calculator

87% Faster Time to Market

Get more stuff done faster - that holds true for employees as well as developers. With Sitrion ONE, it’s easy to create and distribute dozens of use case solutions in just days. This greatly reduces training and support costs, as well as boosts user adoption. Compare the options using our TCO calculator

65% Better TCO

Sitrion ONE comes with a host of TCO benefits. It lets you leverage existing developers and skill sets better, plus it works with (but does not require) existing MDM & MAM services. In addition to training and support cost savings, TCO benefits scale as you create more micro-apps. Compare the options using our TCO calculator

Founded on 10 Years of Enterprise Solutions

Work is not in one place any more. You need a robust enterprise mobility solution to sustain and grow your business. Sitrion has worked with the largest global enterprises to solve social and HR self-services challenges for more than a decade. We’ve learned a thing or two about work productivity and can deliver state-of-the-art mobile solutions tailored to your organization.

Market Leading Social Software
Serving more than five million users

Four out of ten social business leaders rely on Sitrion Social. Our powerful social platform leverages your SharePoint infrastructure and provides enhanced social solutions ranging from corporate communications to innovation management to HR Service Centers.
Learn more

True HR Self-Services
Making it as simple as possible

One of our customers saves $12 million per year just by digitizing their leave requests. Sitrion empowers enterprises to provide true HR self-services as part of their (social) intranet, their mobile workplace or their next generation digital workplace either on premise or in the cloud.
Learn more

SAP & Microsoft
Smart integration to foster adoption

With Sitrion you can harness the transactional power of SAP and the collabarative power of Microsoft either on premise, in the cloud or on  any mobile device. This means greater SAP adoption and process efficiency across your entire enterprise.
Learn more

“Sitrion simplifies and fast-tracks
mobile access to back office applications, improving
employee productivity and workplace efficiency.”

Gloria Burke

Chief Knowledge Officer | Unisys

“Sitrion cuts time to market for
mobile apps from months down to days.”

Jeff Dunmall

President | imason

“They not only delivered a solution for the long term
but they also provided us with high quality mobile access
very quickly to help us be highly competitive.”

Scott Braafhart

IT director | Illinois Brick Company

“Sitrion’s intuitive approach is encouraging our employees
to share and communicate in more meaningful and productive ways.”

Louise McGregor

Manager | ING Bank

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