Our Journey to SP^CE

Social - Pragmatic - Visionary - Competent - Empathetic

No, we aren’t becoming the first company with on office on Mars, SP^CE is the acronym for our strategic framework. Ask any of us and we’ll share how each take our own adventure following the same guiding principles.


Unlock the power of connected people

While we often help to connect people, we actually know that our mission goes way beyond building a connection. We spend every minute to help our customers gain value from those connections and we therefore defined our mission – our guiding principle – to “Unlock the Power of Connected People.”



Make work better and empower people to get things done

Productivity often comes with the introduction of new technologies. Our vision is that the power of connected people through access to people, information, and processes will make work better. We work hard to go deep, and really understand how behavior in the workplace leads to greater human productivity.



It's all about execution - lets make work better for the world

We’ve set an internal target for ourselves to make work better for 20 million people by 2017. Today millions of you already find success with us but that is not enough, we believe in the future of work and will do our part to build the best technology to get us there.

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We've had an amazing story. From our start as NewsGator, the first enterprise RSS aggregator to Sitrion today, making work better for organizations around the world. Read more

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