I’m happy and I know it…

I'm super happy these days. Ok, I did just return from a trip to wine country, but that story’s for a different blog! What I mean is that I’m happy in my working life. I work for an innovative, future-focused company that is making social real by bringing the power of social networking into your hands. We provide social software and consulting that help solve real business problems. As for my part in this, I've been knee-deep in creating the NewsGator Adoption Framework, that uses 18 principles to align people, technology, and business, and I love it.

Why do I love it? I'm an employee engagement geek who thinks there's nothing cooler in the world of work than organizations doubling down on their people investment to ensure success. Ultimately, NewsGator Social Sites is all about helping you and your organization work better together by making connections, helping you get answers quickly, making it easy to reward and recognize top performers, and helping you achieve your specific business goals. The NewsGator Adoption Framework is a proven methodology, crowdsourced from hundreds of successful customers and partners that helps you tailor your efforts and activities for the needs of your organization. The end result is that you find value in social and are more engaged at work (thus likely to stay, and even put in extra effort).

We start by taking into account what phase your organization is in (i.e., evaluating social, ready-to-launch, or accelerating your social implementation) and then developing an action plan addressing technology, people, and business. By customizing a plan to fit your needs and regularly assessing the progress of specific activities designed to drive adoption in your organization, we make sure your social implementation is a success.

One more thing that makes me happy: not only do I get to use Social Sites every day to collaborate with my colleagues, customers, and partners; I also work with our staff and partners to ensure they are trained on the framework. I see firsthand how they are meeting our customers where they are and helping them realize the value social can bring to their work. It’s safe to say I’m happy and engaged at work.

Contact us today to learn more about how NewsGator or one of our business and implementation partners can help you evaluate, launch, or accelerate your social initiative with the NewsGator Adoption Framework.


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