Mobile Success Framework

Let Sitrion’s team of experts guide you to mobile success with our proven framework. 


Guiding You Through Your Mobile Journey

To transform your organization, there needs to be alignment with the three foundational pillars of people, business, and technology – all working together toward the same vision and strategic goals. It’s imperative to clearly understand your business drivers, your employees’ needs, and your technology landscape as one well-oiled machine. 

When it comes to implementing enterprise-wide technology and changing the way work gets done, we have the expertise to help you mobilize your workforce, optimize processes, and enrich communication and collaboration. Sitrion can guide you through your mobile journey and customize a path to success to make work better for your entire workforce. 

Re-Imagine How Work Gets Done

Before getting started, it’s important to shift your mindset about technology in the workplace. Work is about empowerment and engagement, and mobile technology is key to achieving those goals. To transform your business, it’s time to adapt your current ways of getting things done and simplify your business processes—ultimately, enabling your employees to be more efficient and productive. 

Based on years of experience building human-centric enterprise solutions, Sitrion can help you identify and maximize moments of productivity and guide you through creating a more efficient workplace. With Sitrion ONE, our secure and intuitive mobile platform, along with years of expertise, we’ll guide you through your mobile journey using these key steps.

What to Expect 

To give you some insight, here is what will be covered in this process:

  • Understand your vision, strategic goals, and challenges
  • What are the business problems you are trying to solve
  • Identify your use cases based on effort vs. benefit
  • What needs to change culturally and technologically
  • What are the best ways to reach your target audiences
  • Who are the right stakeholders to achieve these changes
  • And much more as we work through the process

Steps to Mobile Success

Here are the key steps that we’ll take you through:


  • Research
    We will work with you to dig into your strategic goals, your target audiences, and the business problems you are trying to solve. This includes an analysis of (1) how are these challenges addressed now; (2) how do they align to your vision, mission, and objectives, (3) what needs to change - culturally, systematically, and technologically, and (4) are the right stakeholders involved to make this change happen.
  • Use Case Development Workshop
    Based on our research, we will share tangible examples of use cases that address your business needs directly within Sitrion ONE. We will conduct 1:1 interviews with a subset of your users to further understand your pain points and adjust our examples in real-time. The result will be a primary list of requirements and use cases to be included in your deployment with metrics and measurements that will define your success.
  • Foundation Setup
    Our technical team will work with you to begin setting up your infrastructure - the Sitrion ONE hub, admin and user roles, backend updates, security configurations - and provide you with the appropriate documentation to get Sitrion ONE up and running smoothly. 
  • Implementation
    Our technical team will work with you to implement and deploy Sitrion ONE within your environment, including all of the initial use case scenarios discussed during the Research and Use Case Development steps.
  • Product Review
    This is your opportunity to test the product after implementation to make sure it meets your needs. Our technical team will make real-time adjustments to make sure the app is performing as expected and as documented in your Statement of Work. 
  • User Acceptance Test
    A small group of your users will have the ability to test out the implementation to make sure your expectations are met. This test period should take no more than two weeks. It‘s your opportunity to work with us on fixing quality, bugs, and usability issues.
  • Solution Sign Off 
    After the Product Review and User Acceptance Test, the product will be ready for your sign-off. If necessary, we will re-deploy the solution and re-document any changes. 
  • Phased Rollout
    We recommend a phased approach to rollout Sitrion ONE to your users - by location, department, line of business. It‘s a best practice to collect your lessons learned and use those learnings for the next rollout phase. We will work with you to develop a comprehensive rollout plan, including campaigns, contests, promotional pieces, unique URLs to download the app, and more. 
  • Ongoing Adoption and Efficiency Check-Ups
    As your rollout continues and adoption is on the rise, we will work with you on capturing lessons learned, success stories and metrics, as well as documenting new use-case opportunities. Implementing new technology is only the beginning and Sitrion is committed to working with you on the ongoing journey to achieve your desired results and to meet your growing and evolving needs.

Let’s Take Each Step Together

Our Customer Success team will guide you through each step, always making sure your short and long-term goals are front and center to each outcome. Every step has stakeholders, measurable goals, and accountable deliverables. 

This mobile-first transformation takes time and effort, but is critical for your organization to compete in today’s global marketplace, and well worth the effort for your employees and your bottom line.

Now that you have an overview of how Sitrion can help you on your mobile journey, contact us to get started. Get in touch with your Sitrion Account Executive or visit our contact page.

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