Enterprise Collaboration & HR Self-Services

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Enterprise Collaboration and HR Self-Services
Learn more about the building blocks for delivering an effective workforce management software that transforms the way your people work. Leverage Sitrion with your existing technology investments including Microsoft SharePoint and SAP to improve your digital workplace infrastructure.

Social & Enterprise Collaboration

Face it – antiquated, unintuitive experiences will not attract and retain top talent. Every organization needs to focus on how to work smarter, be better connected, improve productivity, and engage and empower their teams.

Facilitate quick and informed decision making, decrease the time it takes to find the information and enable people to locate expertise they might not have known existed otherwise.

Smart Streams

The activity stream, revolutionized. Create a view of everything happening inside your organization that matters to you. Stay up to date by integrating internal and external news streams.

Rich Profiles

In addition to social profile features like avatars and user-driven profile content, you can also enrich user profiles with activity data, HR data and data from your public profiles, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

Badging and Recognition

Driven by participation, users can shine as subject-matter experts and earn merit-based social network badges, while organizations can quickly locate, recognize, and motivate top performers with SharePoint social features.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Seamlessly leverage video capabilities within your Social Workplace and integrate video into your daily business routine.

Control and Compliance

Enjoy peace of mind with the Control & Compliance capabilities. Prevent misuse automatically and rely a secure system of record, which captures all activities.

Reach and Communication with SharePoint Collaboration

Communications can only be effective if it successfully reaches your intended audience. Your messaging needs to be positioned where it will have the most impact and greatest reach.

Everything we do is mobile-first. Choose from web or native apps and expand to a secure ‘bring your own device’-solution connecting to your backend systems like SharePoint and SAP.


Get the right message to the right audience and start a dialogue. Increasing the relevancy of the information the people get, makes your organization more productive and engaged.

Digests and Notifications

Empower your people to organize information based on their individual needs. Let them decide what, when, and how much information they get via digests and notifications.

Analytics and Impact

Protect and leverage your investment by measuring and tracking the activities. With the right data at your fingertips you improve your environment to boost adoption.

Outlook Integration

While zero-email is a big vision, most of the knowledge workers still live and breathe in Outlook. With the Outlook Plug-In you stay within of the relevant information flow.


Leverage an interactive way across your entire organization to get an answer to your question, helping people feel better connected and more engaged.

Expertise and Innovation

Connecting people to people and people to content – that’s key to your success. Use SharePoint social features to get people onboarded faster, find experts in your organization, and get answers to your questions.
Crowdsource and Ideation

Harness your organization’s creativity by making it easy for employees to voice and share their ideas and turn them into real competitive advantages.

Idea Campaigns

Gather tons of ideas targeted to a specific goal, in a short, clearly defined timeframe. With just a few clicks you set up, promote and analyse Idea campaigns.

Questions and Answers

Decrease the ‘time to resolution’ of your issues dramatically. Just ask your question in the stream or via email and the intelligent routing ensures, that the best expert answers it.

Project Labs

Turn your ideas into revenues quickly in a project lab. Experts, either appointed or recommended based on skills, vet ideas and get to decisions fast.

Intelligent Routing

Just by analyzing social activity and rich profiles, the system can identify experts to answer questions, vet ideas or direct valuable information to you.

Knowledge Base

Capture and repurpose important activity stream information in just a simple click by placing it into a user-driven or moderated Knowledge Base.

Smart Routines and Self-Services

Simplify work and get time consuming routines done faster. Optimized routine tasks and integrated Self-Services reduce errors, accelerate processes and save money.
Employee Self Services

ESS made simple - Changing HR master data, capturing time, doing travel expenses and much more gets easy with Sitrion. Benefit from the latest and greatest in user experience as well as mobile solutions.

Manager Self Services

MSS made simple to free time for more relevant work. Managers get all important about their teams and employees at their fingertips and can process routine tasks easily at the device of their choice.

Unified Task Center

Get all your tasks from different backend systems like SAP and SharePoint in one single place and access it via the device of your choice. Tasks get done faster and you can focus on value add work.

Calendar Sync

Traditionally, leave requests are entered into an HR system and then put into Outlook calendars. Simplify this process by leveraging our backend calendar sync capabilities and save a lot of redundant work.

Workflow Decisions

Approvals happen in seconds and on any device. All the information you need is available at your fingertips so that you can make knowledgeable and reliable decisions all in the flow of work.

HR Moderated Communities

Helping employees with HR-related questions and information is one of the core tasks. With HR Communities all employees benefit from that and redundant questions get reduced to minimum.

Microsoft SharePoint Collaboration

Microsoft is the leading ecosystem for collaboration and employee productivity. Maximize the benefits by adding advanced Social, Mobile and Self-Service capabilities and realize the next generation workplace.

Add the #1 Social Business platform as well as compelling SAP Self-Services to your SharePoint investment and adoption will thrive.


Take full advantage of Microsoft's Cloud offering. From securely integrating on premise Social activities to adding a full SAP HR Portal-Solution you have a lot of opportunities to support your cloud strategy.

Visual Studio

Enhance Visual Studio with a compelling developer tool to create SAP Applications with just a minimum of SAP knowledge. Additionally let your business experts compose mobile applications.

Microsoft Dynamics

Surface all the activities in your social stream and in your social activity dashboard. Customize the information flow the way you need it.


Integrate Lync with our Social Business platform and leverage instant messaging as well as real-time notifications of important activities.


Outlook is the number one environment for knowledge workers. Leverage social streams through an Outlook plugin and approve SAP workflows seamlessly.

SAP Integration

SAP is one of the most sophisticated tools to run a business. It is great for expert usage, but casual users like Information workers doing a vacation request get overwhelmed and frustrated. Better leverage your SAP investment with a modern experience.
HR Self-Services

Each employee and manager has to perform certain HR tasks like leave request regularly. By simplifying those routine tasks across the whole enterprise you increase the productivity.


Empower your workforce with secure real-time access to SAP. Choose from web or native apps and expand to a secure ‘Bring your own device’-solution, which helps you to create Micro-Apps within hours.

Microsoft and SAP

Benefit from your dual vendor strategy, by intertwining the collaboration-focus of Microsoft with the transactional power of SAP. With the end user in mind, you get turnkey solutions to make work better.

SAP Netweaver Gateway

Harness the combined power of SAP Netweaver Gateway, the compelling connectivity framework, and Sitrion’s best in class user experience and mobility solutions.

Business Process Approvals

Approve SAP Business Processes on any device, online and offline. Leverage a smart and lean solution to work on approvals via Microsoft Exchange and Outlook.

Calendar Sync

Avoid redundant time entries in SAP and in personal or team calendars. Sitrion ensures that SAP time events are automatically synced with any Microsoft Exchange calendar.

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