For Internal Communications Leaders

The Sitrion ONE employee app lets you reach and engage your entire workforce.

Send personalized important news directly to anyone.

Send critical alerts to specific target audiences.

Create a dialogue and foster interaction.

Lower the barrier to get more great ideas.

Engage employees in polls and surveys.

Make it easy to respond to trainings and events invitations.

The Sitrion ONE employee app revolutionizes internal and corporate communications, and lets you reach every employee in your organization including deskless and field-based employees that don’t have access to a corporate email address. Sitrion ONE addresses the following corporate and internal communications mobile use cases:


News, alerts 
& notifications

Approvals & 


Ideas & 



Internal communication use cases:

  • Scheduled communications
  • Virtual townhalls & videos
  • CEO updates
  • Community involvement
  • Employee recognition
  • Confirmations & receipts

Other use cases (great for app usage and adoption):

  • Leave request and approvals
  • New employee onboarding
  • Personal data updates
  • Benefits enrollment & policy access
  • Training & instruction materials
  • Expense & PO management
  • Inventory lookup


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This practical, step-by-step "how-to" guide explains how to build a business case for executive or stakeholder buy-in for your mobile communications initiative.
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Mobilize processes & workflows
Create a Digital Workplace with Sitrion ONE

The Sitrion ONE employee app empowers your employees to handle everything from department-specific workflows to simple tasks like approvals, confirmations, vacation requests (and more) on the device of their choice.
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