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On average an employee has to deal with 5+ enterprise applications to perform his daily work. It’s time to change that if you want to retain your top talent. Give your employees one place to get work done. Sitrion provides the most integrated, business-centric social software and combines the the collaborative power of Microsoft SharePoint and Office with the transactional efficiency of SAP HCM.

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More than 5 Million Enterprise Users

Sitrion is Enterprise-Ready by Design

Connecting people and content, that’s what Sitrion does. Regardless if you are a global Fortune 500 enterprise, or a smaller, knowledge-based organization, Sitrion connects your employees by leveraging a leading, enterprise-class ESN solution. One of our clients saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by solving a production line issue using our enterprise expertise tools.

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Social & Business Value on SharePoint

Powerful Solutions For More Than a Decade

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most powerful platforms for enterprise content management and collaboration. Sitrion’s mission is to provide added value on top of it. With our help and the support of a great partner network, our customers have successfully enhanced SharePoint with social intranets, extranets, SAP HR self-services, corporate communications, and mobile intranet portals. As a result adoption has skyrocketed, along with customer satisfaction.

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Measure to Succeed Your Social Initiative

Compelling, Goal-oriented Social Analytics

According to Gartner, 80% of social initiatives will not achieve its intended results because of lack of strategy and too much focus on technology. Sitrion provides you with a compelling engagement scorecard and enables you to track the metrics most critical to user adoption and engagement, including user conversion and participation; community and colleague connections; user and community activity levels; and knowledge sharing.

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Let’s Talk Adoption

Meet Our Experts

Adoption is one of the hottest words in the world of enterprise social and many of our customers, partners and peers are working hard to find ways to grow and nurture engagement. Meet our experts on adoption and engagement, who work daily with our customers at the forefront of emergent collaboration technology and business trends. Learn more about success, learnings, and the Sitrion Adoption Framework.

It’s Not Only About Technology


Leverage Best Practices from Social Business Leaders

Feedback from customers that achieved over 90% adoption rates, as well as independent research, shows that the key to success is shifting focus from technology to a more holistic view. Together with our customers and partners, we have developed the Sitrion Adoption Framework to focus on the three paths to a successful social journey - People Engagement, Business Alignment, and Technology Enablement.

Enabling Your Social Workplace

We understand how to harness the collective power of smart people to build a more productive organization. Enable a new way to get work done in your organization.


Create communities for collaboration and best practice. Facilitate quick and informed decision making; make it easier to find relevant information; and enable people to locate expertise they might not have known existed.

Smart Streams

The activity stream, revolutionized!

Keep up-to-date by integrating internal and external news streams into one stream. Create a universal view of everything happening inside your organization.

Rich Profiles

In addition to social profile features like avatars and user-driven profile content, you can also enrich user profiles with activity data, HR data and data from your public profiles, including LinkedIn and Twitter.

Badging and Recognition

Driven by participation, users can shine as subject-matter experts and earn merit-based, social network badges. Organizations can quickly locate, recognize, and motivate top performers.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Seamlessly integrate video capabilities into your social workplace and your daily business routines.

Control and Compliance

Enjoy peace of mind with Sitrion’s control and compliance capabilities. Prevent misuse automatically and rely on a secure system of record that captures all activities.

Questions & Answers

Submit questions from anywhere, and our smart routing capability finds the best experts based on highly-relevant employee profile and social information.

Expertise Discovery

Discover experts quickly using a powerful algorithm that find experts based on user profile keywords and real-time social activity. The right internal expertise is just a click away.

...and many more.

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