Enterprise Social Collaboration

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Enterprise Social Collaboration with Sitrion
Social is not a buzzword. It's a reality. It is an expectation of how your employees interact. The social workplace is much more than a bunch of activity stream and communities, it is the only collaboration environment that drives business value.

Social Intranet

The hub for enterprise social collaboration

Enterprise Collaboration: Social Intranet

A truly social intranet. Our state of the art social collaboration platform combined with corporate communication features like analytics or content targeting keep your employees engaged. Build a culture of transparency by integrating the company blog with news feeds to help your employees discover experts and capture knowledge. And add in HR Self Services to truly drive productivity.

Powerful Extranet Collaboration

Extend the power of social collaboration outside your four walls

Enterprise Collaboration: Powerful Extranet

Create an engaging environment for customers, partners & vendors to collaborate directly. Extend the power and productivity gains of the Social Workplace outside of your organization. Customer support portals, vendor collaboration or partner extranets, break down the barriers along the value chain and help you to build a collaborative ecosystem.

Social Business Platform: Employee Self-Service Portal

Employee Self-Services Portal

Engaged and productive - one place to get work done

Give your employees access to people, information and workflows at their fingertips. Provide a social collaboration platform combined with the day-to-day tasks your people need to be productive. Add unified communication or HR Self Services to increase the efficiency of your workforce. Learn more about how you can turn your employee portal into a helpful HR center

Smarter Enterprise Solutions

Smarter Enterprise

Unlock the innovative power of your people

Unleash the potential of enterprise social collaboration by connecting people, encouraging knowledge sharing and cultivating innovation. The entire innovation value chain from ideation and crowdsourcing to expertise discovery all the way to a full innovation management environment. Learn more about cultivating innovation in your organization by reading our datasheet

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Let the data be your guide. Achieve success by learning from the metrics most critical to your adoption and employee engagement. Read more

SAP & Microsoft Ecosystem

Combine your powerful infrastructure and leverage your investments to provide an integrated Workplace. Read more

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