2013 Predictions: We’re Already There

Last week, I came across a CMSWire article by David Lavenda laying out some 2013 predictions for mobile and social business. My initial reaction was: “we’re already there!” But maybe that’s because none of this comes as a surprise at NewsGator. Below I’ve outlined David’s eight predictions and shared my reactions.

  1. Microsoft’s acquisition of Yammer will be a game changer in the enterprise social space: This acquisition just further validated the fact that social is important to business. By adding these tools in Office, more and more people will experience the benefits social provides the workplace. And we’ll still be here to continue to add value in addition to this integration, specifically for enterprise customers on premise.
  2. Mobile social business becomes real for the mainstream business worker in 2013: Already true. We just announced our Social Sites for Mobile Web client – which allows our customers to seamlessly enable access to their entire enterprise, regardless of device.
  3. On a related note, the explosion of tablet sales will force IT departments to deal with the reality of the iPad at work: As emphasized in the article, “As ‘mobile social’ catches on through BYOD programs, organizations will realize the need to provide consistent user experiences to business applications across all the devices used by workers, both in the office and on the road.” Our most recent offerings have all been created with the mobile workforce in mind. We’ve got you covered with Social Sites Mobile Web. And prior to that, we launched Lookout, a browser and tablet-enabled way to consume and interact with your activity stream. Lookout works on any HTML-enabled tablet device, and is also available on Windows 8 tablets via our app in the Windows Store.
  4. A new player will emerge in enterprise social: To me, this prediction is obvious. There are new players emerging daily. When I first started at NewsGator two and a half years ago, we talked about four competitors, and now it’s hard to keep track. It will be interesting to see which ones are still relevant after another year.
  5. Privacy concerns about information stored on BYOD devices will gain higher profile in 2013: Security has always been an enterprise concern. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons our clients choose NewsGator – they want to know their information is secure and protected. Privacy is extremely important and we’re matching our efforts on the mobile side to insure our customers have the best experience where BYOD and security are concerned.
  6. Enterprise activity streams will start to emerge as another viable enterprise communication modality: Aren’t enterprise activity streams already table stakes? Show me one social vendor that doesn’t offer an activity stream, because I guarantee you they won’t be around for long if they don’t. We’ve been offering an activity stream in our product since 2007. And many vendors, even ones who haven’t traditionally been social, are realizing the value these streams provide – so they’re adding them to their products as well.
  7. Information overload will continue to get worse: Again, we recognized this early on and have been hard at work developing systems that enable you to work smarter. The advanced activity stream filters in Lookout, for instance, give you a personalized way to view the information that’s most relevant, efficiently breaking down the fire hose and allowing you to focus on what matters.
  8. Social analytics inside the enterprise will start to gain visibility: This one is already important and we’re already working both internally and with partners to make sure our customers continue to have access to the data that will help them understand their social deployment and adoption. Today we’ve got a series of reports to provide you with valuable insights about how Social Sites is being used. And we’re also hard at work with Webtrends to provide additional analytics data to insure our customers get the most out of their social investments.

As 2012 comes to a close, I think it’s important to look back and take a moment to really appreciate the great strides social has made in the business world. We’ve come a long way and as the market continues to rapidly expand, I know there’s still going to be lots more to do.

What are your predictions for the enterprise social software space in 2013? Feel free to share via the blog comments below.


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