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22 Days of Joy with Office on the iPad

I love my iPad, but I also really like my Microsoft productivity tools! Bringing those two worlds together is now a reality with Office for the iPad.  Talking about productivity, check out the latest innovation we bring to Microsoft’s flag ship productivity suite: Sitrion puts SAP processes right into Office 365.

Freedom to be Productive

What I like about the iPad is the freedom to be productive anywhere, anytime. Believe me I tried, I really did. I have a Surface, and a Surface Pro, I have two Office 365 accounts at work as well as for the family. I even tried a Lumia 1520 to see if a Windows phone does it for me. But with my travel and the need for real time access to critical business information, I had to carry multiple devices. The phone, the tablet, the laptop. Until the end of last month, when new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella released Office for the iPad.


22 Days of Joy

I downloaded Office for iPad the very same day and stopped using my laptop a couple of days later. Equipped with this new mobile power, I went on a multi-country tour and gave presentations, created presentations, and reviewed and created spreadsheets and documents. And you know what, it works. I am running a combo of Office, Sitrion, Lync and OneDrive. This may not work for everyone, but it does the job for me.

The New Microsoft

I like the new Microsoft. What I like is the new pragmatism and refreshing approach that comes with Nadella. Office on the iPad, live demos at events, presentations with a Mac on stage. All those things point to a more relaxed leader who isn’t religious about their products anymore and puts customers first. It reminds me a little about Apple switching to the x86 architecture. Within less than 10 years they became the highest valued company in the world. I am looking forward to more.


It’s a mobile world.

And there is more. PC shipments have seen major decline in the last two years.

With one billion smart phones sold in just the last year and the tablet market approaching the half billion point soon, we’re approaching a truly mobile world. We jumped on this trend and have mobilized all of our offerings. In fact, some of our greatest inventions are built as mobile first. Check out how to build Microsoft or SAP mobile apps in days (not months) or see us at Collective.


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