3 keys to employee mobile app success

When I look back at the employee mobile apps we have delivered to our clients, three key themes have emerged from our learnings. These three best practices align with the following areas: executive engagement, a strong project launch, and the agility to adjust based on user feedback.

I'm going to give you a brief overview from my vantage point, but I highly recommend you hear it from a few experts at HealthSouth, and what they learned along their journey to launch their Sitrion ONE employee app.

1. Executive engagement

First and foremost, executive engagement is key. When embarking upon any project, your executives need to know how your employee mobile app project impacts the bottom line. A well-researched business case will point to the reduction of costs by eliminating or improving redundant, outdated, and ineffective systems and processes. For example, your Intranet, newsletters, and email blasts that never reach or engage your staff, especially employees who don't have access to corporate email. Once you show your steering committee the hard ROI of an employee app and how effectively engaging your employees positively impacts your profitability, you'll be well on your way to creating a group of supporters.

2. Strong project launch

Second, it cannot be understated how critical an impactful launch is to your project's trajectory and ultimate success. An underwhelming launch will not only reduce your initial accomplishments, it will stunt future growth and adoption. Just like a savings account, your initial investments set the pace for your compounding growth over time. Underinvesting in your project launch is a common, yet perilous, mistake. Nearly every successful project I have seen starts with a strong communications plan, executive endorsement (and preferably visible involvement), and good old "roll up your sleeves" efforts to get your employee app downloaded and adopted. These include launch parties, lunch-and-learn sessions, promotional items, and help desks/portals at front line locations. Once the app is deployed and you have a passionate group of champions, they can begin to invite their peers to use the app, creating viral growth.

3. Agility

Finally, just as in life, plan for change. Even the best laid plans need to be adjusted to optimize the end result. It’s pivotal to choose a platform for your employee mobile app that is not "one size fits all" and can be rapidly adjusted to suit the needs of your unique business challenges and audiences. It's common to distribute surveys and polls to gather enough quality feedback to create a successful first iteration of the employee app. But as we have all seen with the progressive improvements to Facebook and other mobile experiences in our personal lives, no application stands the test of time without evolving. Change, and improvement, is inevitable as your staff grows, changes, and continues to request new types of communication tools and, more importantly, new and better ways of working.

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Webinar: HealthSouth employee mobile app

Cuneyt Uysal, Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Cuneyt is charged with accelerating Sitrion's global footprint by helping our clients realize business results with our next-generation enterprise social and mobile solutions.


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