50 First Dates to Make it Real

As we launch the latest release of Social Sites, the world's most advanced social business platform, I am reminded of the movie 50 First Dates, a story about a guy that falls in love with a young woman that is reliving the same day over and over after surviving a car accident. The guy (Adam Sandler) puts his vision on hold to find a way to have her (wonderfully played by Drew Barrymore) be part of his life. It is hilarious and touching to see him perfecting his way to make her fall in love with him on their daily first date and how she screams the next morning not remembering who the guy next to her is.

4 Million First Dates

Building Social Sites, we experience a similar feeling every three years when Microsoft releases the next version of SharePoint. We take all of our heart and passion to build this amazing product and yet, we’re left explaining who we are. So, like Adam Sandler, we do what we do best and make you fall in love with us all over again. We’ve done this 4 million times, so we’re getting really good at it. We got so good that we’re also releasing the next generation of Social Sites, compatible with SharePoint 2010 and 2013, even ahead of the next SharePoint release by our friends at Microsoft.

Make Social Real

So why are we doing this? Why going through all that pain of building the by far superior integration into the Microsoft stack? Because we are true believers in Social, and we are not willing to settle for anything less than real social! Sure you can buy an activity stream and fool yourself to believe this is social, but if you dig deeper you need to admit that social has to be more than just another inbox of a long list of messages to haunt you.

Every single member of the NewsGator family knows that the only way to make social real is to make it part of your daily business. It is a fundamental new way people succeed in their business and that is why our Social Business Solutions are so tighly integrated in the largest business ecosystems on this planet. Give me one reason why social should be a stand-alone silo?

Good Morning Lucy: Deliver on Our Vision

At the end of the movie Drew Barrymore wakes up on a boat wondering what happened to her. As she steps outside, she is blown away by the stunning view across the Arctic Ocean. Adam Sandler was able to keep the girl and make his own vision come true, taking on new adventures in Alaska. Similarly, we‘re on a mission to make social real and explore new technologies beyond belief. But rest assured, we'll take you with us (and our friends at Microsoft :-). And if you wake up wondering what this whole social thing is about, every morning there’ll be someone waiting on deck for you to keep you on track into the future of work.

See For Yourself: Need Some Social Love? Join us at the Collective:

I’ll be there the whole time, presenting the future of work, talking to real leaders about their experience with social, and presenting some really cool use cases and solutions to make social real. We’d love to have you with us – we could count it as our first date ;-).


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