Are You Up?

Recently I was introduced to the Jawbone UP. It’s a wristband that tracks my movement. It monitors my sleep patterns, how many steps I am taking each day and even triggers an alarm when I sit idle for too long. I am always up for a new gimmick, so jumped right in. Like any new technology these days, of course there is a social component to it. I’ve teamed up with Daniel Kraft and Luke Sinclair and started to share what some may think is way too much information. They can now see how much I sleep, how many times a night I wake up, how many steps I take, if I worked out and even what I eat each day.

To share or not to share

I am not going to lie, my first reaction was to block everything because it seemed like a lot of detail to share but then I found it to be quite entertaining. I was jealous if one of them got more sleep than me and felt great if I managed more steps in my day than they did.

I am of the generation where my friends and family are still mixed on their comfort with social relationships. I have many friends who aren’t on facebook or twitter and frankly don’t see the appeal. And then there are my friend’s children that when I showed them my wristband, they just assumed I would be able to share the details.

Are we moving to a world where it’s expected that we share everything? At NewsGator we’ve helped great organizations realize how this access to information and better connection between individuals can improve productivity and overall employee engagement. Clearly there are benefits but is there a level where we’ve taken it too far?

It’s only the beginning so let’s embrace it

I believe that there is no level that is too far. We should live in a world where sharing is possible but it’s up to us as individuals to understand this new way of thinking and act accordingly. There are plenty of ways to customize what you chose to share and not share, you just need to take the time. Most importantly you need to start experiencing these new environments so you can understand what’s happening and take your own path of this pretty cool technology adventure we are on.

With every new gadget or site, I find myself sharing just a bit more. It has gotten me closer to people and gain lots of advantages in life. While I am learning all about my colleagues and their sleeping and walking patterns, I am learning more about myself, which is really the most fun of all.

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