Can you hear me now?

I think by now everyone has heard the Verizon commercial for cell service and the popular phrase, “Can you hear me now?” As we announce Social Sites for Internal Communications this week at the e2 Conference, I can’t help but think of this statement.

The campaign uses the phrase in another context, but the never-ending journey for internal communications to be heard is not so different. Companies that have embraced the power of a social enterprise are paving the way for more productivity and engagement with their employees, but as new communication channels open up, it’s no surprise that new challenges arise to break through the noise.

Found my paddle

For as long as I can remember, organizations have tried to roll out intranets and with each new approach, over time, the environment still gets noisy and hard to navigate. I’ve been responsible for a few of these initiatives myself and the common description is “paddling up a stream without the paddle”. Now, we have social platforms, a new way to engage and get personal, something the traditional intranet failed to offer and once again, we face the challenge of information overload. So, how do you get the important messages to be heard?

Social Sites for Internal Communication for me is about finding my “paddle”. I finally have a tool that allows me to target messages to the right people at the right time and still embrace the power of a social enterprise. It combines the freedom of communicating across the organization with the structure required for making sure that certain messages are being heard.

Unveiling at e2 Conference

Our solution is available later this month, but we chose to announce and preview it at this year’s e2 Conference. Why this event? I’ve been going to the e2 event every year since it’s started because it is focused around disruptive technologies and our approach to internal communications is just that...disruptive.

Disrupting Social

Social, to-date, has been about the conversation and collaboration. A platform that breaks down barriers and gives employees the ability to connect with others regardless of their job function, geography — or any other silo in the organization’s structure. Social Sites for Internal Communications disrupts this thinking. How?

We believe in social, but we understand there are people in an organization who need to drive internal communications. They need the ability to control and target the message and they need a “behind-the-scenes” view on employee engagement to make better decisions and create effective messaging based on performance.

Disrupting the generic approach to social is what NewsGator is all about and Social Sites for Internal Communications is just the start.

Learn more by watching our short video presentation or if you are at the e2 Conference in Boston, stop by

We’d love to disrupt your traditional thinking of social and look at the next way to drive internal communications in your organization.


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