Fireside Chat: Gloria Burke of Unisys – 91% Adoption to Build a Social Business

Speaking with Gloria Burke (@GloriaBurke) of Unisys is like attending a free boot camp on social. Social strategy? Check. Adoption? Check. Compliance? Check. Gloria is a wonderful person — a good listener too, but her ability to express things is outstanding. A true believer in social, she raised the adoption level at Unisys to 91% in just 18 months!

“We aren’t just talking about social collaboration; it’s ingrained in the way we work.”

Building a Social Enterprise

Unisys is a global IT services company with 23,000 employees and business in almost every major region. Social is at the core of their business and with an adoption of 91%, they turned their company into a true employee-centric social enterprise. If you think their adoption is outstanding, wait until you hear the stories about integrating core business functions, such as global recruiting, onboarding and key business processes. This aligns nicely with our strategy to go deep and include processes in the social workflow like SAP and Oracle, or CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics and SalesForce.

“Social is here to stay; it is not just a trend. You need to be social in order to be competitive. If you aren’t, you’re going to be a dinosaur.”

Walk the Talk

You learn so much about people when you build relationships. Gloria and I share a passion for the future of work and the fact that the lines between work and home life are blurring.

“Social is the future of business. The train is fast leaving the station and I just don’t want to be on it; I want to be in the front car.”


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