Having a CEO in the Top 100 Influencers is Inspiring but Knowing Daniel We Weren’t Surprised

For those of us who have known Daniel, it was no surprise that he was nominated and announced as one of the NEXT 100 Top Influencers of 2013. As this week rolled around and Daniel headed off to the event, I started to think, “Why am I not surprised?” The Top 100 have been chosen as the most important Europeans shaping our digital future and Daniel has exemplified this in so many ways, it was just something I have taken for granted.

Always a Visionary

I met Daniel 8+ years ago at RedDot and my first memory was working with him on a keynote presentation. He was set to open our customer conference and motivate a room full of people to look at content management in a new way. It wasn’t about the infrastructure or the platform, it was about the web being a new way to communicate and how embracing this thinking was the better future for so many companies. And as we know today, his vision was spot on.

Changing the Way People Work

That might have been my first memory, but the examples have gone on. Just take a look at Daniel’s Tedx Talk on the evolution of work. So, it came as no surprise about 9 months ago, that Daniel was asked to be CEO here at NewsGator, the leader in social business for the enterprise. If you know him or can just appreciate this type of enthusiasm for innovation, it was a perfect match. For years, Daniel has been encouraging people to think about how we work and how technology will impact us and now we are part of the company that is leading the way.

Encouraging the Journey

His recent keynote at The Collective was exactly what you’d expect, an inspiring talk with our customers sharing his views on why companies need to go social. To put it in Daniel’s terms, “Do or Die”. It may seem dramatic, but it’s that kind of passion that we need in our influencers so that the others are inspired to take the journey.

Join me as I congratulate my colleague and friend on this cool honor. Now even more people have the chance to hear Daniel’s thinking and be inspired by his ideas.


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