Here We Grow Again

Our products and services are constantly evolving and growing. I find this delightful and challenging – so many great new capabilities making it easier than ever to be social. I recently discovered that our latest release of NewsGator Social Sites has an outstanding new capability: we can now merge spheres into communities!

Why does that excite me so? Here’s a great example:

We have a group of users on eNGage (our customer and partner extranet site) that are conversing about rewards & recognition — particularly about how to implement it in a highly regulated environment like financial services, pharmaceuticals, government, etc. There are tons of comments, likes, questions, etc. The conversation includes a variety of people —consultants, customers, and partners, so it’s clearly of high interest.

As a result, we are setting up a sphere for Recognition so these folks, and anyone else interested in this topic, can continue the conversation. Spheres are great for spontaneous, informal conversation. However, sometimes we find that the sphere gets a lot of traffic, and the need comes up for those community-only features like document stores or video libraries. So we just created the ability to merge sphere (or spheres) into a community. In this case, if the Recognition sphere generates a ton of interest and traffic, then we can morph it into a Recognition community.

This is great because it allows conversations and collaboration to follow their natural course. You can start out small. See where it goes. This is another example of how NewsGator is meeting our users where they are in their social workplace evolution. And as we grow, we help them to grow as well.

To learn about more of our social capabilities that grow with you, visit us at #e2conf (Booth 41) June 17-19 in Boston or contact us!


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