Ideas are the collaboration jackpot!

So you are a community manager trying to increase the value and adoption of your social implementation. As you rack your brain to discover the best way to approach and leverage the engagement of your audience, don't forget to consider ideation and innovation as an important approach.

Many innovation management systems have been around for a while and as such sit outside of a company's connected social network. Other times, companies set up entirely different systems to run innovation campaigns. As a community manager, you should embrace ideation as part of your community strategy for one important reason - they are very engaging for your audience.

In recent research on our external social network, we found that ideas generate a significant amount of engagement from users. On average, for every one idea there were seven votes along with additional comments - pretty strong engagement metrics! Not to mention, due to the broad appeal of idea campaigns, they also hold the potential to increase membership and awareness for your community.

So next time you sit down to brainstorm adoption strategies, you should pop over to the innovation office at your company and see how you can combine forces...

Posted by @esauve


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