Knowledge is Key: Why I Love Working at NewsGator

Different types of people value different factors in their work environment. I have heard corporate recruiters sing the praises of various aspects of their corporate environment, including when there wasn’t anything terribly praiseworthy. One thing I don’t hear companies touting very often is the knowledge and skill level of their employees. Even rarer is a company that can back up its audacious claims. The knowledge and skill level of my co-workers is something that is very important to me because it is the primary way in which I improve my craft. On most of the teams that I have worked I either started out at the top of my craft or very quickly reached it. My statement is not attempting to laud my skills, but rather to express dismay at the state of those teams. Over my career, I have met enough people who are good at my craft to know that I had a lot to learn. It frustrated me that I was in work situations that forced me to always be the one breaking new ground. It’s easy to become stagnant in your craft in that type of environment as those environments are frequently resistant to change or don’t have the patience to allow someone to come up to speed on a new technique.

This is one thing that has impressed me tremendously about NewsGator. They have every right to make bold claims about their development team, because they can back it up. I am now on a team where each person is extremely good at what they do. Everywhere I turn there is someone from whom I can learn. Everyday some interesting challenge comes up for one of us and I get to participate or at least hear about the challenge and how it was solved. Not only that, but NewsGator encourages us to research and experiment with new technology. NewsGator encourages us to be better at our craft. I am a better developer since I came to work at NewsGator. And because we are all moving forward, we are not becoming stagnant. I anticipate improving in my craft every day I’m with NewsGator and that’s the kind of thing that motivates me.

In addition to that, NewsGator is a fun place to work. The company does not take itself so seriously as to become boring and stiff. Work definitely gets done, but fun happens as well. My co-workers are all intelligent and funny enough to make the culture in the developer pit very enjoyable. In addition NewsGator plans fun activities and frequently brings in food for various reasons. In general NewsGator cultivates a fun, enjoyable atmosphere that makes coming to work a pleasure.

I have never worked at a company that is as dynamic, challenging, encouraging, and FUN as NewsGator. I’m thrilled to have the chance to work at such a company with such a great group of people and look forward to a great future!


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