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Over ten years ago I worked with an amazing executive coach who helped me understand what made me tick. As we navigated my journey from student to professional, one theme kept popping up over and over…innovation. At the time, I was running a knowledge engineering team and there were a few hundred of us striving to change the world of work. We were in the thick of a large scale business transformation – trying to convince the organization that knowledge sharing was much more en vogue than knowledge hoarding. We were deploying communities of practice and discussion forums, a content authoring system and knowledge base, and an ontology management system and federated search. And the technology platform was definitely the easy part. Some of the strongest innovation work we were doing was the change management and business process reengineering. We were innovating how we worked as a team and how we supported our clients and each other – I was wildly engaged! Innovation served then as a strong motivator for me.

So here I am a decade later still passionate about the future of work and the new opportunity before me – in my new role as NewsGator’s SVP of Enterprise Engagement. Once again I am in a position to innovate and I couldn’t be more excited! Our team will be dedicated to working with our clients and partners to continue to change the world of work. Our adoption consultancy practice and social business solutions will each have a major impact on driving customer business value, making social real, and maximizing the investment you’ve already made in social. I’m in touch with many of you already but eager for more conversations. I’m fired up and ready to super charge your social workplace!

What does this mean for you? Please reach out to me and let’s talk – @target me on eNGage, email me, tweet me. And whatever you do – don’t miss the Collective in Denver, March 5-7. We’ll have the entire team there to meet one-on-one with you to score your social workplace and to talk about getting truly engaged! Let me know if you are interested and we’ll get you scheduled.

I continue to be inspired by innovation and can’t wait to connect with you. #lovemyjob


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