Making History at NewsGator Collective: Reflections on Day 1

What a great kick-off to the NewsGator Collective in Denver. We had an opportunity to hear from our CEO, Daniel Kraft; Constellation Research’s CEO and Principal Analyst, R “Ray” Wang; Microsoft’s Enterprise Social Product Marketing Manager, Christophe Fiessinger; JP Morgan Chase’s CMO, Catherine Flax; Unisys’ Director of Knowledge and Collaboration Strategy and Governance, Gloria Burke; and Chess Media Group’s Principal, Jacob Morgan. Our partners attended workshops dedicated to becoming fluent in the new adoption framework — including how they can use it to drive revenue and train customers to make social real in their environments. The theme is clear: the future of work is social and we are in the process of making history — those who successfully adopt social into their businesses will thrive, and those that don’t will go the way of the naysayers who thought the telephone, automobile, and computers were just fads. Social will have a profound impact on the way we work going forward; some of us are fortunate to be involved in making social real for businesses now — and others who want to remain competitive will find themselves involved soon.

For those who have embarked on our social journey, one of the key questions we face is: how can we continue to drive engagement and adoption? You don’t just ‘go social’. Our customers and partners have been asking us this question for some time, and we have been listening. To answer this question, we have developed and launched the Adoption Framework Competency. At the core of the Adoption Framework is the intersection of people engagement, business alignment, and technology enablement. When customers bring these three worlds together, they achieve the adoption sweet spot —creating their ideal socially enabled workspaces for their particular environments and cultures. Our partners and customers have helped build this framework and the feedback from our partner channel today was extremely positive. NewsGator’s services and consulting partners are paramount in delivering this framework to our customers; we will enable them with in-depth training, mentoring, and collateral so that they can ensure that our joint Social Sites customers are getting the value and adoption they are looking for. In fact, Avanade has already raised their hand to earn the competency — as long as the training is in Denver so they can ski. Hey, social is all about work-life balance.

Thanks to everyone who has taken time out of their busy schedules to participate in the Collective. We are lucky to have such great customers and partners who are so deeply committed to building the social workplace! Looking forward to meeting more of you tomorrow – that’s a wrap for day 1.


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