Must be present to win

At most events we attend, whether for your local school, neighborhood or business conference, typically there’s a raffle or silent auction to round up a few more bucks for the kids. We also know the winners are chosen close to the end of the event to give us all a reason to stick around and not bail early, and rule is that in order to collect your prize you must be present to win.

Taking this story a step further, it occurred to me this phrase “must be present to win” could also be applied to our own day-to-day activities. Time is one of the rarest commodities we all have, and we all don’t want to waste it. This is one of the core reasons our customers choose NewsGator. NewsGator Social Sites allows each person in an organization to find information faster without wasting time. By doing so, they have more time to focus to what is most important, whether that’s more face-time with your customers or finishing more mission-critical projects on time.

My point is that NewsGator allows each person in your enterprise “be present” so they are in a position “to win” more often. This applies to your sales teams just as much as marketing, IT, HR, Customer Service, and heck, even your legal dept.

Tell me if you’ve ever experienced this scenario. You have agreed to take that sales or customer service call about how they can save you money. (You would much rather have them email you information, but you take their call.) The call starts okay, but you can tell the sales/customer service person is struggling to make a connection with you, your role, or how there’s money being saved. At this point, you feel like your time is being wasted and it’s time to bail on this call.

Take a step back though; what if that sales or customer service person did their homework before getting you on the phone – more than a quick Google search? Wouldn’t it be nice if that sales person knew when the last time you spoke with anyone from their company? Wouldn’t it be nice if they could actually answer a question unrelated to you buying more that hasn’t been answered? What I’m attempting to illustrate is a future where your company is connected in such a way that gives each person, regardless of where they work, access to information or internal experts that makes it easier for them to hold intelligent, meaningful conversations with your prospects and customers. With NewsGator social, you can integrate your CRM systems into your social collaboration systems, connect experts, bring in your social activity streams and RSS feeds, and create communities that hold meaningful conversations around things like prospecting, customer development, enterprise competition, or whatever makes sense to drive your business forward.

We only have so much time in our day to day. And if we’re going to take time out of our day, it had better be worth it. If I take that call from a vendor, he or she better be informed and, as I say, “present to win” my business.

Stop by booth 41 at #e2conf in Boston to learn more about how NewsGator smart social can help your business succeed or contact us for an insightful conversation today.


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