Product Fun at the NewsGator Collective

It’s great to hear what customers are doing with our solutions and what they want to do. Every day, customers and partners ask questions and provide feedback on our eNGage extranet server. In fact, the level of conversation on the Product Feedback community there feels extremely healthy. Here’s a view of the major categories of activity over the last ninety days in this community:

(Note: Tom McIntyre deserves some public praise here. Two hundred of those 817 answers in the last 90 days came from him! Thanks Tom!)

Now we’re approaching the NewsGator Collective – the time when customers and partners come face-to-face with us (and each other) in Denver. It takes a lot of work to organize and host an event like this (Thanks Stefanie and team!), and it provides unique opportunities.

For this Collective, I’m particularly excited about a few things:

  • I will get a chance to talk about our product and how it’s evolving.
    I’ve had a chance to do lots of presentations recently about value-add for SharePoint 2013, and it’s been great helping new and existing customers on three generations of SharePoint. I expect this will continue at the Collective.
  • I get a chance to talk about where we see social going.
    At NewsGator, we’ve always looked at how we can add value by leveraging a social graph. It’s always been about more than just a microblog. As we look ahead to this year, we’re doing some amazing things with smarter streams, integrations with more systems, secure mobile access, and much more.
  • The development team is hosting the first ever hack-a-thon.
    Our developers will team up with customers and partners to build something cool for Social Sites in just one day.
  • We’re having an Experience Lab!
    We want to talk about how users work with our product, how it fits in to our customer’s worlds, and how we can make it more useful and intuitive.
  • We will be capping off our ideation campaign on eNGage in the Product Feedback community to prioritize features for our Summer release.
    With each release cycle, we ask customers to contribute ideas and comments and vote on the features that will give them the most value. The next prioritization campaign opens soon and will close right after the Collective.
  • I get to say “Thanks!”
    If you saw my presentation last year, you know it’s really important to me to show our gratitude to our customers and partners and my team that creates and supports our products.

I’ve gotten a lot out of this event every time, and everyone I’ve asked has said they’ve also received a ton of value from the experience. From the product team at NewsGator, we have a lot more going on at this Collective than any prior one. It’s going to be informative and a ton of fun – I hope to see you there!


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