Pushing the envelope of Corporate Communications

For those of you who may have missed the Collective, we had a series of presentations around our new business focused solutions to help you make social a reality. Oh, and you may have missed a harlem shake or two (we have the best customers ever!). I was really excited about the feedback we received this year; for me it validated everything we've been working so hard on at NewsGator.

Communicate without distraction or overload

The team and I have really enjoyed putting this solution together. I’ve always enjoyed helping people solve real world problems and Corporate Communications presents some interesting use cases. One of the first things we wanted to address, was to make sure organizations have an easy way to send scheduled, targeted messages to users in their organization based on any number of employees’ attributes. Having witnessed how communications managers can struggle making sure people have the information they need to do their job (without overloading or distracting them), I know it’s a real challenge. And I also know it sometimes devolves into refereeing the departmental boxing matches over prime landing page real estate. People in your organization who don't have the information they need when they need it become frustrated. This is exactly what you don't want in today's competitive markets, where talent management is oft the key to success and human capital is a company’s greatest asset.

Use your existing information to your company’s advantage

Then I look at how external marketing firms covet their customer data, and wonder why organizations don’t do more with the employee metadata they have in their enterprise HR system(s). With this new solution, you have the ability to target your organization by geography, role, seniorityin the organization, or by any other key dimension you capture and deem important. Actually using some of those dusty HR information bits lying around is to your advantage! I mean, you’re organization is probably spending a lot of money to store and manage that stuff anyhow, why not recoup that investment?

Want to know how many users out of your target audience actually interacted with your message? Now you can have reports on reach and engagement for your internal messaging, making it easier adjust your communication strategy on-the-fly — based on quantifiable metrics.

Trust us. We live and breathe social everyday with our customers.

Of course, having a targeted channel for communications is nothing without the users. We've worked with a lot of customers in many different vertical industries, and we’ve culminated a wealth of knowledge to help you drive your intranet forward. We want to make sure that we provided a succinct, compelling, socially-integrated intranet home page — with the consulting services to understand how to achieve the adoption and ultimately the employee engagement you need (such an important part of the puzzle).

(What a social intranet can look like)

Don't worry, if you have some very defined requirements for your company's home page, all the functionality we have can be individually tweaked, customized, and integrated into your existing environment. We all love a green field to play on, but we also understand that a lot of you have big investments in your intranet already.

My favorite thing about these solutions though, is all of the cool features we're expanding them with in the next couple of versions. We'll be updating as we progress. If you have any feedback or features you'd like to see in Social Sites for Communication, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email, or message me on Twitter (@Tom_Sigler). More details coming soon!


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