Snow, sun, work, fun – it’s all good at the Collective!

We had quite a bit of snow over the weekend here in Colorado (which is great for the mountains but not so much for my back). As I was shoveling snow, my wife came out to help, and then my eldest son pitched in, and then my youngest came out to… well, mostly to distract his older brother and play in the snow. Now, I didn’t ask for the rest of my family to come out and work… they just did — and I greatly appreciated it.

The whole episode got me thinking about how NewsGator solutions help intuitively bring the same benefits of collaboration, productivity, and satisfaction to the workplace as I had at home. Oftentimes when you take the way you get things done in your personal life into the work environment, you get the job done faster — and in the end, maybe have some time left over for drinks with colleagues (or in my case, some much-deserved hot chocolate with my family), or other ways to get more social. Don’t you wish work could be more like that?

Since joining NewsGator, I’ve learned about a multitude of our customer success stories, which always get's me excited about the possibilities our solutions provide. We have great customers, and next week at our annual NewsGator Collective event, they’re converging on Denver to share their stories, score their social workplaces, and shape the future of work. We’re going to have speakers from JPMorgan Chase, Unisys, CDW, State Street… and the list goes on. Of course, there will be some brilliant NewsGator speakers as well, but this will be my first chance to hear first-hand from our customers about how our solutions are contributing to a new way of getting work done. And if it snows? Maybe some of them will join me in a snowball fight (or just some drinks). Will you be joining us?


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