So many great stories not enough time at the NewsGator Collective

As we make it midway thought the Collective, I started to wish we had a few more days. I had the privilege to work with many of the great speakers in advance of the event and we only scratched the surface of sharing. The NewsGator Collective is an annual event (physically), but virtually it’s the conversation that continues throughout the year. Each day from 7am ‘til 10pm I can’t get enough of the great conversation and stories.

Wednesday night we had the chance to recognize a few of the folks who showcased enthusiasm for social throughout the year. After a few cocktails, Walker (our awesome MC and VP Mobile Development) presented this year’s NewsGator awards.

Who won? Drum roll please... We had a lot of great customers and partners nominated this year and we would have liked to recognize everyone. But as awards go, there were a few stories that stood out and we had the honor to share their stories.

Perficient – Partner of the Year 2012
For the second year in a row, we are excited to announce this year’s recipient. Perficient has continued to drive strategic development on the NewsGator environment and more importantly, customers continue to rave about the work they do. Perficient uses Social Sites internally as well, which has added to their ability to drive innovation both internally and externally for their customers.

Definity First – Partner of the Year 2012, Emerging Markets
This year, we wanted to recognize another partner who has joined our family more recently. Definity First has been a partner for less than a year and has already driven Social Sites into several customers in the Latin American market. Within just a few months of working together, they have built several extensions such as Sway, which they showcased in our partner speed pitching session.

nSynergy – Partner of the Year 2012 – APAC
We had attendees travel from all over the world to this year’s Collective. One of those great committed partners that came this year was nSynergy. Our APAC business is growing quite fast and we wouldn’t be able to do that without the help of our local partners. nSynergy has done a great job driving NewsGator within the APAC market and we thank them for their continued support.

State Street Corporation - Customer of the Year 2012
This entire week is about celebrating you, our customers and partners, and encouraging the next level of social – making it real. This year we made a special recognition to one customer who really takes this idea to heart. The State Street team launched their enterprise environment in April 2012. The Collaboration team set out on a journey that has immediately seen success. When we talk about making social real, this is the mindset we see with the State Street team. We were thrilled to recognize the entire team at State Street for their efforts and award them the 2012 Customer of the Year.

These companies all helped shaped 2012 for NewsGator and as the first half of the event has shown, they are a few of many inspirational teams. Personally, I am always motivated when I am around people who are leading the way on how social is changing the way we work. I hope that next year the momentum is so huge we sell out the Denver Convention Center!


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