The 2013 NewsGator Collective – The Social Event of the Year

It’s amazing to me how the word ‘social’ has transformed over the past few years. In the past, if you described yourself as social, you probably just considered yourself to be friendly and comfortable communicating with others. Now, the word has many more layers. In 2012, if you say you are social, you could mean you are friendly and extroverted – or, you could mean that you have a Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn account and you regularly post comments, links, and videos to share with your followers. One meaning implies face-to-face personal interaction, the other does not. Does that mean the newer meaning of social is inaccurate? I don’t think so.

At the core, all humans are social beings. Being ‘social’ means interacting with others, regardless of method. At NewsGator, we love learning from our customers about how they are empowering their workforce to communicate in new ways using Social Sites – whether it’s a new employee feeling part of the team by easily finding colleagues with shared hobbies or alumnus, the CEO creating a personal connection with his employees by posting a blog to share pictures and funny stories from his recent family vacation, or the HR team hosting a monthly diversity jam where a unique story from each global office is highlighted to provide insight into the different cultures at each location – making everyone feel connected.

Connectedness and sharing new ideas is also the central goal of our annual user group meeting, which is why we call it the Collective. As more and more of our clients become truly social workplaces, they attend the Collective and share the wins and the challenges they’ve experienced along their social journey - and every year the Collective gets better and better!

To make my point, check out some of the attendee comments from last year’s Collective:

  • The #ngcollective was so inspiring and amazing! My head is swimming with #ideas that will hopefully be implemented at my company. Thank you so very much to everyone at #NewsGator who worked so hard to make the #ngcollective such a huge success! The #food was divine and the venue resplendent! You’re good people, #NewsGator! ;-)
  • Outstanding conference once again! Thanks to all who worked so hard behind the scenes to make it so. Great connections, great presenters and presentations, and enough food to add 10 lbs. to the waistline!
  • Thank you to everyone at the #ngcollective for being marvelous hosts. I enjoyed speaking there and meeting so many attendees and NG staff. Lots of great stories and ideas!
  • Really enjoying the networking activities and the presentations at the #ngcollective. One of the best #conferences I’ve been to. Lots of good ideas to help us implement #NewsGator in the next few months!

But those comments are just a small glimpse of why we are so thrilled to host the Collective every year! So, don’t miss out – mark your calendar now for next year’s event – March 4-7, 2013 at The Ritz-Carlton in Denver, CO. The Ritz has been a gracious host with amazing food and accommodations so we are very excited to host the Collective with them again.

Stay tuned for more details about the NewsGator Collective as they unfold – call for speakers, sponsorship opportunities, the agenda, registration, and much more!


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