The Networked Enterprise Reality

Our friends at McKinsey just released an update from their executive report about the adoption of social. The feedback is that 83% are using at least one social technology but more remarkable is that 65% of employees access the tools through their mobile device. The report continues to claim that 90% of executives report measurable results from the use of Social.

Productive, Secure and Throughout the Organization

What I really like is that the understanding for Real Social is growing as executives "expect increases in employee productivity but also recognize the significant organizational barriers that prevent their companies from capturing the full potential of social tools." In other words, social is about productivity but needs to be integrated as it otherwise would be just another silo. While 60% of the executives say the "benefits outweigh the risks", they are concerned about security, leaks of information and intellectual property.

Social Networks Reach the Tipping Point

What is important to notice is that when McKinsey talks about social technology it includes a wide range of tools. The update reports that now more than 50% of companies use actual Social Networks and not just basic video conferencing or co-authoring tools. Unfortunately the report doesn't provide any details in how integrated social networking is in the enterprise ecosystems.

Mobile & Cloud and Multi Platform

The rise of the mobile workforce continues and is reflected in the updated report. While 48% of the employees have mobile access and 52% of the employees use social tools on non mobile devices we have clear evidence that there is no real standard way of working anymore. When it comes to cloud vs. on premise the report isn't really detailed but states that 62% of companies still use their own services and IT system. No surprise since it is a complex subject with no easy answer. The report is highlighting specifically the need to use "multiple platforms to enhance the overall adoption" of Social in your organization. There is no one size fits all.

The Survival of the Social

While those reports are great to illustrate the progress, they are just the reflection of what people think and do at a given time. McKinsey does a great job reporting constantly about the development and I encourage you to read the whole report and make up your own mind. But what the report really says is very simple: You need to be Social to Survive as this is the only way work is going to be done.


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