Welcome Nancy Gill, Chief People Officer of NewsGator!

When I first met Nancy, we were both part of a larger meeting at JPMorgan Chase & Co. We got talking about social and how it could change the way we think about HR. She was running some JPMC strategic people projects and I was really impressed to learn how much energy and investment they make in their people. It was inspiring to learn about the art of people management.

After more conversation, I even learned that she spent time with the NFL and built their HR environment. A banker that changes the shape of football? What an amazing story! When you add social to the mix, you get a story that is too great to hide.

Recently, Nancy was making the brave move to start her own business and build on years of experience and the wisdom that people are the ultimate ingredient needed to build great companies. However, her talent and energy are a perfect match for NewsGator and I’m really excited we found her when we did. Please welcome Nancy to her new position, Chief People Officer of NewsGator – and read the first of many blogs below.

- Daniel Kraft, CEO & President, NewsGator

How to love your job

Most of us spend at least 2,000 hours engaged in our “work” each year. Sounds exhausting. Having a job and going to work every day since I was 16 was not optional, so I learned early-on that to be successful, I ought to work smart — to make the most of every single hour, to be fully engaged, to contribute and learn, and to deliver what I promise. That is a lot easier when you love what you do.


When I was at the NFL, people always asked me, “Do you have to love football to work at the NFL?” My answer was that you don’t have to LOVE football and paint your face on Sundays (like I do), but why wouldn’t you? Great people, amazing product, extraordinary athletes, 32 world-class teams, dedicated fans, and a business that keeps growing - what's not to love?

Then, when I left the NFL to return to the world of investment banking, right after the financial crisis, people would ask me, “What??? You are leaving the NFL to go back to banking? And right after this crisis? Are you nuts?” (Well yes – maybe a little.) “Is it possible to LOVE that?” Absolutely. Great people who are passionate about what they do, dedicated customers, and successful to boot.

Now, I’ve transitioned into my new job as Chief People Officer at NewsGator and some of my friends wonder, “Technology? What???” Things are getting really interesting! Not only does my new job have all of the components that have made me love my other jobs (Yes there is a pattern here: Great people, an amazing platform with unmatched expertise in social technology, awesome customers, etc.) but also, we are shaping the future of work. Social is changing everything about how business gets done and, if we in the “people business” (a.k.a. HR functions) don’t lead, we will surely follow. Talk to me about what the future holds for you, your business, and your industry. We share an amazing opportunity to lead the way. Let’s begin the conversation.


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