What’s your social Rx?

The doctor is in. And you look like you might need an antibiotic…or maybe you just need a prescription for better sleep? You might do really well with some antidepressants—just try them for a while and see if anything changes for the better…

The common story I hear about my clients’ approach to enterprise social often goes like this: “C-level exec was talking to a C-level exec at another company that has ‘gone social’ and now he/she thinks we should go social, too…and it’s a priority! So now we need to deploy social.”

So how do you know what your social Rx is? You may not, yet you’ve bought social for your enterprise. Like others, you heard social was good and that it would solve a lot of your collaboration ills. But how will it solve yours, specifically? It certainly has the potential to improve the way you connect and collaborate, you just need the right social Rx to ensure that your requirements are met with the right mix of products, services, and strategy, because we know it’s not as simple as “popping a pill” to cure what ails you.

That’s where the NewsGator services team excels. We’re like your social physicians. On March 5-7, at the Collective in Denver, we’ll be launching a new tool that will Score Your Social Workplace and identify the right mix of products and services for your social needs, so you can be assured of the right social Rx for your deployment. Our tool has been benchmarked against thousands of Social Sites deployments and matched with our own research and real-world experience.

So join us March 5-7 in Denver to see how your enterprise score stacks up and to get your social Rx. If you have to miss The Collective, we’re happy to connect with you to help you Score Your Social Workplace and write you a prescription that makes social work for you.


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