Why I Love NewsGator – Consider the Possibilities of Our Collective Minds

Arriving at NewsGator in April has been an eye-opening experience – it’s the first time I have worked in a truly social and collaborative environment. So far it’s been a blast, and a great learning experience! I am very happy with my decision to join NewsGator, here’s why:

Why I Like NewsGator
I like our product. A lot. I used Social Sites at a previous company and thought it was the coolest. Little did I know we were only using about 50% of its capabilities. Learning about Idea Stream and Spotlight was icing on the cake. It’s also great that everyone’s ideas and feedback – customers, partners, employees – help create a better product. The product team listens and develops based on all of our input, and that makes me feel like a valuable part of the process.

Why I Really Like NewsGator
As luck would have it, there was an opening for a Mid-West Technical Account Manager (TAM) – and I jumped at the chance! Our TAM team wears many hats: sales support, project management, top-tier account management. Every day is a different challenge, with the opportunity to solve problems – creatively and independently. Help is only an IM away, too, if you need advice from a colleague or direction from leadership. It’s never, ever, boring :)

Why I Love NewsGator
We work with smart, fun, positive, innovative, energetic, customer-focused, and forward-thinking people. I’ve experienced this in all areas of the company, from sales to support, marketing to development. The word “no” is not part of our vocabulary. We do what is right for customers, whether internal or external customers. And we do the right thing without being explicitly told to do it! On top of that, we have fun too (who knew a daily video scrum could be fun). There is never a shortage of laughs!

I guess it’s fair to say that I have more than a crush on NewsGator. Working in an exciting role, with great people, who all help create an awesome product makes my heart go thumpity thump, especially when I consider the possibilities of our collective minds. Together we will all take social to the next level, and I am definitely very excited to be part of the journey!


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