A good idea is a terrible (and costly!) thing to waste

You know when you live with something every day, you tend to take it for granted. Well, having worked at NewsGator for over three years, I take being able to openly share my ideas – no matter how big or how small – for granted (it’s ok, you can be jealous).

We love crowdsourcing at NewsGator. Our CEO empowers us to share our ideas about the company’s strategy; our CTO relies on us to provide real-time ideas and feedback to help define our product roadmap; and our CPO (Chief People Officer, love the new acronym) empowers us to share new ideas about how to make our jobs better – in and out of the workplace. Even our CFO lets us share ideas about how to spend the company’s money! I think I made my point – open ideation is very important to us. So much in fact, we just built and launched a new innovation solution that takes crowdsourcing ideas to a whole new level!

Innovation is more than collecting ideas

Crowdsourcing ideas is great, but it’s only one piece of the innovation puzzle. NewsGator Social Sites has had an ideation component for many years, but we wanted to create a way to help companies take their great ideas and move them through the innovation process – on one, secure platform. So after valuable feedback from our customers, industry analysts, and partners, we put our collective heads together and built Social Sites for Innovation – a new end-to-end innovation management solution that uses your entire social network to tap into the creativity and expertise of your stakeholders and turns the best crowdsourced ideas into reality.

It’s important to note that innovation is a very popular buzz word and it can carry some misguided meanings. So to be clear, innovation is any new positive impact on business results – change that can be disruptive, incremental, or somewhere in between. And even though innovation is a strategic initiative for many companies, the innovation process is very immature and most companies are unsure how to “let innovation happen” and manage the process from start to finish. According to Forrester Research, the third biggest challenge at 44% – behind resource and budget constraints – for companies when implementing an innovation program or process is, “We don’t have a structured innovation process or procedure.”

We can help

That is why we built our new solution – to show our customers the way. We want to help you mature as a social organization by providing you with a repeatable way to categorize and compile ideas, surface internal experts to help analyze and prioritize those ideas, quickly execute on the ideas that have merit, reward and recognize your people for contributing them – all while protecting your IP and measuring the impact of your overall innovation pipeline. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? It is – it’s the power of social technology.

I’d like to leave you with one thought … The beauty of social innovation is that it encapsulates all the qualities we treasure as humans: sharing our ideas,building connections, feeling included, inspiring and being inspired, growing,and succeeding – all as one team. So let your employees be human, let them share, let them help your company grow and succeed. They want to contribute. Start today.

Ping me to learn more about how NewsGator can help turn your ideas into measurable business value.


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