A Refreshing Look Back at the Social Mixology Tour

Here are three things I would not have in my pantry were it not for the recent Social Mixology Tour:

The road show taught me a thing or two about mixology:

  1. Bitters are good for what ails you. Lavender and lime are my favorites (so far).
  2. Ginger syrup is best made fresh – but I am going to try it fresh from the bottle.
  3. Craft cocktails are best when made with fresh squeezed juice. Maybe there is life for the juicer under my sink after all.

As for learning a thing or two about social (remember this was SOCIAL mixology). First, I learned that our customers love us, we have a lot of positive momentum and there is more excitement and opportunity ahead. Second, everyone was excited to learn more about our Internal Communications Solution and even more eager to talk about Sitrion and the power in this new combination of awesome companies. Watching our customers interact with each other was a special treat: “We launched yesterday,” “How are you using the Internal Communications Solution?” “When did you upgrade?” This is what social is all about isn’t it? Customers were learning from one another, and sharing ideas and use cases right before our eyes.

Finally, our people are SO talented (but we already knew that) and have great relationships. It was wonderful to see all of them in action in Boston, New York, Chicago and Minneapolis. A couple of observations:

  1. The care and concern we put into all aspects of our service to our customers is obvious.
  2. Our people are pumped about our products and it is hard to miss their excitement when they begin to tell our story.
  3. We are incredibly passionate about what we do. We love social and commit every ounce of our energy to making people more productive, and in the meantime, we make work more fun!

Thanks to everyone who helped to make my first roadshow so much fun. I appreciate all you did to help me prepare and I loved mixing it up with all of our guests. Can't wait to do it again. #socialmixology


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