A Teenager Grows Up

Rob Koplowitz, Forrester Research VP and Principal Analyst, seems to know a lot about teenagers. Maybe that’s because he has a teenage son, but maybe it's because he works in the rapidly maturing field of enterprise social and SharePoint.

In 2011, he published a blog entitled Enterprise Social Landscape Enters Teen Years. At the time he said that the market was maturing but reminded him of his teenage son, sometimes mature, sometimes not. Koplowitz noted that NewsGator, now Sitrion, was one of the leaders in the market in terms of depth and breadth of offering and touted our close partnership with Microsoft.

Growing up Fast

Sitrion has continued to mature and deepen that partnership with Microsoft as SharePoint "Enters its Awkward Teen Years" (the title of Koplowitz’s latest Forrester research study). As a leading social software company leaving the awkward teens behind, Sitrion is happy to be able to offer its customers a depth of experience with SharePoint, both on-premise and in the cloud to serve as mentor and guide through the changing landscape ahead. As Microsoft's multi-tenant and dedicated cloud environments begin to remove some of the functional limitations by offering more opportunity for custom code, we may see more customers investigating the potential of a hosted SharePoint solution. Koplowitz's survey of IT decision makers showed only a small increase in companies planning to fully implement SharePoint in the cloud (up to 8% from 4%). But those with hybrid environment plans jumped from 5% to 26% and 28% say they have cloud migration plans in the next 12 months. A similar Metalogix study showed that 35% plan to run a hybrid environment while 10% plan to move to a purely hosted environment.


Experience to guide you

Sitrion has been an official MSFT partner for a decade.  During that time, we have moved up to the highest levels of partner status, where we are today. We work with a number of large customers in Microsoft SharePoint Online Dedicated (SPO-D) environments. Through our close and continued partnership with Microsoft, we help our customers be effective in managing change in these environments and ensure our product meets the exacting standards of the hosted world while remaining agile and responsive to the evolving needs of our customers.


For those considering the multi-tenant Office 365 (O365) SharePoint hosted solutions, we provide an opportunity for secure extranet collaboration through our O365 Bridge.  This allows easy connection from a premise-based SharePoint system to O365 for use cases like extranet collaboration and file sharing.  But even more exciting is our Smart Routines product that we demonstrated at the SharePoint Conference.  This lets users securely access SAP from within O365 to do self-service actions like updating their address, changing their bank information, completing SAP tasks, and more.  Sitrion continues to leverage our years of experience to create solutions that match customer needs.


Here to help

So if you are considering a SharePoint Online Dedicated solution or O365 multi-tenant as part of your social business strategy, Sitrion is here to lend an experienced hand. Think of it like getting advice from a big brother or sister, minus the attitude.


Want to learn more?

Rob Koplowitz will be joining us on March 19th at Noon ET to talk about his vision of creating an “engagement workplace.” Think of this as a platform where employee self-service functionality is integrated with enterprise social, documents, collaboration, and portal content – all accessible with on desktops and mobile.


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Allison Maguire, Engagement Manager

Allison is a social collaboration evangelist, focusing on evolving current ways of working through a holistic approach that focuses on people and their ways of working and leverages enabling technology.

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