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Our customer Aggreko, who received the Customer of the Year award at this year’s Sitrion Collective in Amsterdam, is one of those companies you never hear about, but truly appreciate when you need them. Aggreko provides power generation and temperature control solutions to customers who need them either very quickly, or for a short length of time. I am not going into details, but as we approaching the World Cup in Bazil, I am excited to know that our friends at Aggreko help keep the lights on. Check out their, “What we do video” video on YouTube.

Keep the lights on, keep people connected

Agrekko is a fast growing company, with plans to add 65% more people over the next 4 years, which comes with a series of challenges from on-boarding, change management and of course high demand on communication and knowledge management. Tracy Wilkinson, who accepted the award on behalf of the entire Agrekko team did a wonderful job outlining the social journey the company is on. She in particular highlighted the need to work hand in hand between customer

and vendor as partners, pointing to the Sitrion Adoption Framework as key to success. The Adoption Framework is a crowd sources best practice framework available to all Sitrion customers free to use - and can be accessed on Engage.

As the market leader, Agrekko operates in over 202 locations globally. Following the Adoption Framework they have been very successful in identifying how social can help specific groups within Aggreko. They started with engineering, which previously worked very independently, and Sitrion has helped bring them together and dramatically improved their problem solving time. The team also integrated the product catalogue helping consolidate their business platforms including search and the product knowledge base.


See you in Scotland

The team at Aggreko are not just great people and fellow travelers on their social journey, they’re also wonderful ambassadors of Scotland. So when you see me disappear in the next couple of weeks, there is a good chance I am visiting them up in Glasgow to learn first hand how they use our products to make work better at Aggreko.


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