All the important work stuff you care about in ONE app

Think a minute about the the top things you care about in your every day job. In my case it’s people (collaboration), getting things done (processes) and information (documents). And chances are pretty high, that this is also the case in your job if you take a look at this:


What can ONE do for you?

With our Sitrion ONE platform we make work better for every knowledge worker in your company. From finding and collaborating with colleagues (aka streams & communities) over approving tasks and working with backend data (aka business processes) up to accessing documents – it’s all in ONE app.

Almost everything that you care about in your daily job is assembled into ONE app that is not only available for your iPhone but also on iPad, Android and Windows Phone. ONE gives you easy mobile access to all your on-premise and cloud systems (e.g., SAP, Microsoft SharePoint SQL Server, Office 365 and While many of these tools already offer mobile apps, imagine having a single app pulling together this data and customized to your business processes! Collaboration, processes and documents all be blended together – featuring rich native capabilities such as push notifications and even barcode scanning.


Why is it so exciting?

The ONE platform features a unique in-app container model that allows your organization to easily add and update functionality (what we call "micro-apps“). It’s truly delivering on the BYOD promise as we don’t force you to have Mobile Device Management (MDM) in place. The ONE app works on every corporate and personal device and connects securely via the ONE cloud platform (hosted in Microsoft Azure) to your on-premise and cloud systems. It even can leverage your Microsoft ADFS security infrastructure for multi-factor authentication. All the communication between your datacenter and your Sitrion ONE cloud tenant in Azure is channeled through a secure enterprise service bus.


A very easy to use configuration tool allows your developers to create ONE functionalities ("Micro-Apps“) for iOS, Android and Windows Phone and connect them to your on-premise and cloud systems in a matter of hours. Built-in emulators for smartphones and tablets help identify the right functionality for every use case. Once a micro-app is ready for prime time, you simply publish it to your tenant in the ONE cloud platform and activate it for specific user groups and roles. The next time a user launches the ONE app the new functionality is automatically there. YES! It’s that simple

ONE is a turnkey end-to-end solution: All the dev tools, backend adapters, service bus platform hosting, analytics and mobile apps that you need are included. Our subscription based pricing model can get you started small then and grow with your demands.

Get Started

If you want to try it out, just ping us and we will activate a ONE trial cloud tenant for you. Our dev tools are so simple to use that you can have your first micro-app published within a day!


And if you're attending the SharePoint Conference, stop by our booth (1808) to see ONE in action.

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