Almost all of us are working deskless—every day

Deskless shouldn't mean disconnected

At Sitrion, we have a culture of flexibility and mobility—you can work where ever you want to get the job done, whether in the office, at the beach, or at home. But according to Google and ComScore, we are not alone! Almost 80% of the global workforce is performing deskless work daily. That is a great number of people working remotely. 

The challenges for communicators and employees alike

For the function of Internal Communications (IComm) within an organization, communicating with deskless workers has become even more critical, and certainly, more complex and challenging, since most deskless workers have limited access to corporate infrastructure.  

We all know how cumbersome it is to connect to VPNs to browse the Intranet, get important notices, fill out a form, or approve an invoice. This is even more difficult for employees whose main job isn’t in front of a desktop, for example a nurse, a rental car agent, or a cashier in a retail store.

Communicate with every employee

Still, you want to reach these employees and keep them engaged. It’s a fact that engaged employees are 24% more likely to recommend their company’s products and services, and are more prepared and productive as they feel connected to the organization.

Webinar: Deskless shouldn’t mean disconnected

I will be hosting a Webinar on Wed, September 28, where I'll talk about the challenges and the potential mobile use cases for a deskless world of work. Join me to gather valuable insights and solutions that will help you to establish a mobile strategy for reaching your entire workforce.
Webinar: Deskless Shouldn’t Mean Disconnected
Wed, Sept 28 I 11:00am ET
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Markus Dopp, Vice President of Mobile Solutions

As the co-founder of our SAP business practice, Markus leads our enterprise mobile solution – Sitrion ONE. He is passionate about cutting-edge mobile technologies and how ONE can make a difference for every user. Previously, Markus held positions in leading companies covering content management and Microsoft/SAP integration where his direction was instrumental in company growth. Whether in product management or sales, Markus inspires our customers with the vision of how work should be done – simplifying complex processes with an easily accessible and intuitive mobile experience.


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