Are you a number hater or data geek? Take our social engagement quiz to find out!

Recently, I’ve written several posts about Engagement Scorecard. So to see if you have been paying attention, I think a short quiz is in order!  Don’t worry – it’s multiple choice and no late night cramming is needed. The goal of the quiz is to get you thinking about how you can use social data to drive engagement and business value. Each person that completes the quiz will be entered into a drawing. The drawing winner* will get something for themselves (a $100 MasterCard gift card) and something for their company (2 free hours of social data consulting from our Engagement Services team).  See the bottom of this post for more details.


The rules are simple – to enter the drawing simply complete the quiz by May 7. Please enter your responses here. On May 8, I will post quiz answers and notify the lucky winner!


Some Tips

Before your start, here are a couple of tips:

  1. When reviewing the data, remember that every customer can configure its own custom goals and targets. Green indicates the metric is at or above target, Yellow is within 50% of target, and red indicates below 50% of the target.
  2. My recent Engagement Scorecard posts may be helpful – Social Group Activity, Q&A Activity, Social Activity, Connections, and Participation.


The Quiz

Consider the social group activity metrics pictured here. The social groups with activity metric is clearly lacking. With this metric, a company sets a minimum number of activities a social group should have each day to be considered active and it sets a goal for what percent of the social groups should meet this activity threshold.

1) Given that only 2% of social groups are meeting the company’s target goal for activity levels, what action(s) could the company take (select one):

a. Change the goal for the number of activities that must be completed

b. Review the 800 social groups to determine if any are no longer active and should be deleted

c. Evaluate the performance of community managers to determine if they need more training or support

d. All of the above

2) This company has a process in place whereby they automatically set up all new employees to follow the same set of 25 social groups. How should they modify this policy (select one):
a. No changes are needed to the policy
b. The company should auto follow new employees to more than 25 social groups
c. The company should group employees by job function or department and have a unique list of auto follow communities and spheres for each employee group

Next, review the detailed graph of the percentage of users well connected metric. With this metric, a company sets a minimum number of colleagues a person must follow in order to be well connected and it sets a goal for what percent of the users should meet this threshold.

3) Based on the graph, what is your opinion on the current target of 45% for the users well connected goal (select one):
a. The goal is set too high and should be lowered
b. The goal is set too low and should increased
c. The goal should remain at 45%

4) How has the new group of users impacted the data (select one):
a. The new users had no real impact
b. The new users lowered the % of users well connected metric
c. The new users improved the % of users well connected metric

Finally, consider the question activity metrics pictured below. With these metrics the company sets goals for the number of questions it would like to see asked each day and for those questions it can set goals for the average time it takes to receive the first answer, what percent of questions receive an answer, and for those answered what percent have an answer marked as good.

5) The data shows that it is taking almost 8.5 hours for questions to receive their first answer. This is longer than the company desires. What is your opinion on the company’s goal for the average time to answer metric (select one):
a. The goal is too aggressive and the company should allow more time for questions to be answered
b. The goal is fine and should not be changed

6) At 90%, the company is meeting or exceeding its goal for the percent of questions that have received an answer. Should the company work to boost this to 100% (select one):
a. No, it is reasonable to think that some questions will go unanswered
b. Yes, every question asked deserves an answer

Parting Words

Remember to enter quiz responses here. Thanks for making time to read my post and take the quiz. If you would like additional information about tracking social engagement and business value consider attending our Collective session titled “Which Comes First? Metrics or Experience?” or visiting our Experience Lounge for a Q&A session with Kelly Gault (the mastermind and developer lead for Engagement Scorecard). You may also contact us or review our website for more information.




*Prize eligibility:  Only one winner, drawn at random, will be awarded the gift card and consulting time.  The winner is responsible for any taxes (if any).  Employees, partners and relatives of Sitrion are not eligible to win.


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