As YouTube is for the ’Net, NewsGator is for Business

New capability in Social Sites lets users post, view and share videos in business-driven activity feeds.

Paste a YouTube link into your Facebook status, and it instantly morphs into a thumbnail that enables friends to view and share the video in their newsfeed. 

NewsGator today unveiled this same powerful capability for businesses that want to bring external video into the enterprise for collaboration, training, communication and informal learning business uses. 

An employee using NewsGator Social Sites 2010 can paste a link from YouTube, Vimeo or the Kaltura video platform into his or her Social Sites activity stream. The video thumbnail instantly appears in colleagues’ activity streams where they can watch, “like,” share or comment on it without navigating away. This new capability is part of the Social Sites Video Stream module for Microsoft SharePoint 2010.

Social Sites users can pre-screen the videos they see through standard filters that modulate their Social Sites activity stream based on author, published date, hashtag, community and activity type. A “top news” filter prioritizes videos, events and microblogs by automatically learning users’ preferences based on their behavior. 

YouTube and Vimeo are leading consumer sites for publishing, finding and sharing videos. Kaltura is the first and only open source online video platform, used by more than 150,000 Web publishers, media companies, enterprises, educational institutions and service providers to enhance their websites, Web services and platforms. It includes features for publishing, syndicating, streaming, editing, hosting and managing video.

“We’re excited to be a part of the NewsGator Social Sites ecosystem and further enhancing our existing social business tools and capabilities,” said Ron Yekutiel, chairman and CEO with Kaltura. “NewsGator customers will appreciate the ability to work seamlessly with Kaltura video, and Kaltura users will appreciate having their videos reach more deeply into the enterprise.”


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