I’m convinced!

I’m convinced!

What if you’re business is in retail or manufacturing and many, if not most, of your fellow workers don’t have access to a computer screen all day? How do you tell them what the company is all about and ask for feedback?

SAPPHIRE 2014: An International Perspective

SAPPHIRE 2014: An International Perspective

I like international events - it’s so great seeing people from all over the world in one place with one goal. It’s amazing that companies like SAP and Microsoft, with their strong ecosystems, still get all of these folks together in one place, for one purpose: utilize SAP software better.

Unlocking the Power of Connected People

Unlocking the Power of Connected People

At Sitrion our mission is to “Unlock the Power of Connected People”. What does that mean? How can you achieve that? At our Amsterdam chapter of the Collective2014 we tried to answer this question. Let me take you, in reverse, from the end to the beginning of this event to illustrate how we realized this mission.

Working Together: Big Improvement Day

Working Together: Big Improvement Day

We Dutch like to complain! Big time and about everything. We sure have strong opinions, and probably think we know best. We like to complain about political parties, government leaders, and the economy, and we use social media to amplify our voice.

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