The Power of @

The Power of @

Imagine for a minute that you’re on the road. You’re meeting with a customer who is in the final throes of contract negotiations. As the meeting winds down, you’re feeling great that the deal can get done soon, which means you’ll meet your quota for the quarter, and more importantly, get your bonus, which is long overdue.

Whom do you write software for?

Whom do you write software for?

One of the first questions you ask yourself when you are looking to write a piece of software is “Whom is this for?” If you’re planning appropriately, you might have detailed demographics or mapped personality traits of your future users.

iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 – Game On!

iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 – Game On!

Forget election Tuesday. We have a bigger battle here. The iPad mini launched Friday, so we decided the gaunlet was officially thrown: the Nexus 7 would square off against the iPad Mini and we'd judge the contest.... And by the way, no, we did not have to wait in line. Yes, they there were plenty iPad Minis in stock. The Nexus 7 we bought direct from Google (via a banner ad no less). In both cases the purchase was painless, both Google and Apple are getting surprisingly good at taking your money.

Apple iPad Mini – Why does screen size make a difference?

Apple iPad Mini – Why does screen size make a difference?

I love it when Apple launches new products. Its always such a media spectacle, and today was no different. However today’s iPad Mini announcement wasn’t really a giant leap forward in technology, in fact it felt a bit downplayed. Yes, its a new device, but for most it just looks like a different screen size. So it begs the question, “do we really need it?” There have been 100 Million iPads sold to date. Are all these people going to buy a new iPad Mini? Is the market much bigger than that?

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