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A few weeks ago, IDC announced that one billion smartphones have been sold in 2013. This news alone should be evidence enough to illustrate that the world is moving to a mobile future. I know that mobile is already a reality but in our line of work we still run into people that question the value of mobile in the workplace.

Sitrion is mobile friendly and even works in your car!

Putting mobile first is not an option, it is a requirement today for technology survival. When joining the company two years ago, I made the commitment that everything we do should be mobile first. I mean really mobile… not just a little subset of functions.


Sitrion ONE - the mobile business in real

Lately, you’ve heard us talk a lot about our name change from NewsGator to Sitrion. But let's also talk about technology. One of the projects we've been working on is Sitrion ONE, a mobile solution that will change the way you look at mobile business. Sitrion covers 90% of all the things a knowledge worker does day in and day out, and you don't even need to write a single line of code to make it work!


Social, Process, Content

As a knowledge worker you need three things to do a great job. Collaboration with your colleagues, rules and goals that define your success and the documents and content to deliver you work. Now, all of that is available in a single app. Sitrion ONE gives you full social capabilities, integrates with your SAP processes and SharePoint tasks and content and runs native on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Beyond Mobile

Many of our Sitrion ONE customers have made the full switch to mobile only. Why even build something for a laptop or even desktop when many of your people are on the road all the time. Even at home BYOD offers the best options to connect with the company. But some prefer to keep an option for a bigger screen, either because their mobile is not convenient or the screen seems just a bit too small. In any case, mobile first does not mean we have abandoned monitors as the way many people get work done.


I know you have a lot of questions. Therefore I asked Markus Dopp to write a post about Sitrion ONE for those who want to see what's under the hood.


I invite you to check out a demo of Sitrion ONE so you can see it in action. Or if you're attending the SharePoint Conference, we're happy to show it off in booth 1808.


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