Calling all data geeks & number haters, check out our new Engagement Scorecard!

I am a data geek! I find it hard to make a major life decision without data. For example, when selecting my daughters’ preschool, I researched over twenty schools, visited eight of those schools, and built an Excel workbook that ranked, weighted, and sorted critical school criteria to assist me with selecting the best option for their foray into formal education.

This passion for data translates into my business life. I love using data to assist prospects with evaluating the ROI of social computing or to help customers hone their enterprise social network. That is why I am super excited about today’s launch of NewsGator’s Social Sites Engagement Scorecard - our new services offering that enables you to track the data most critical to user adoption and engagement within your social network. And don’t worry, even if you hate data, Engagement Scorecard can bring you value too. Here are a few of Engagement Scorecard’s features broken down by where you fit in on the ‘data love’ spectrum:


Feature Highlights for Number Haters

  • Dashboard - a visual overview of how the social network is performing with respect to participation, connections, recognition, question activity, social group activity, user activity levels, and regional activity
  • Status Indicators - red/yellow/green color coding for each dashboard metric so that you can quickly hone in on what is working and areas that need attention or improvement
  • Detailed Graphs - drilldown views of each metric that depict data trends versus goals over time

Feature Highlights for Data Geeks

  • Configuration - an easy-to-use interface enables you to set target values and goals for each metric and establish sub groups and regions for social activity tracking – allowing for customization of Engagement Scorecard to fit your organization’s business objectives and the social maturity of your user base
  • Graph Analysis Tools - user friendly features that allow for data zooms, data removal/addition, and plot viewing, saving, and printing
  • Data Download - the ability to export data for further analysis or integration with business intelligence or big data systems Whether you are a number hater or a data geek, these features and insights can help you take actions to boost engagement and adoption and ultimately achieve better business results from your social investment.

To learn more about Engagement Scorecard, check out our Engagement Scorecard web content or watch the short video above. You can also email me to schedule an overview. And if you happen to be in the process of selecting a school for yourself or your kids you can direct message me for a copy of my ‘Preschool Evaluation & Selection’ excel workbook. :)


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