Collaboration Meets Transaction

SAP and SharePoint - a powerful connection

I would like to add more detail to Daniel’s blog post about increasing productivity by adding SAP HR Self-Services to SharePoint. When you look at HR processes, every employee has to do things like time entry, travel approvals or expenses, leave requests and so on. In most organizations you perform each of these tasks in a separate environment, often with a different user experience and a separate login each time. Nobody likes it and the amount of work it takes can be exhausting. This leads to lower adoption and often high support costs in HR and IT.

To portal or not to portal – the Engagement Workplace

Research shows that organizations have too many portals, and often each is for a siloed task. At Sitrion, we see many requests for combining and harmonizing portals. Rob Koplowitz from Forrester recommends to upgrade an ineffective and aging portal infrastructure to an “engagement workplace.” These engagement workplaces will combine traditional publishing and employee self-service functionality with enterprise social, document collaboration, and extended transactional capabilities wrapped with pervasive mobile access.” We were so thrilled to see his report, we’ve asked Mr. Koplowitz to speak at a webinar on March 19. Please join us to learn more about his research findings.


HR self-services to increase SAP and SharePoint adoption

Why is it so effective to combine HR self-services and collaboration? Usually social platforms are great for connecting with peers, but do not support routine tasks - those which are managed in a different portal. Whereas self-services lacks the sophisticated collaboration and expertise finding mechanisms, which are often useful in completing those tasks and are found on your social platform. Bringing both together in one platform boosts adoption on SAP as well as SharePoint. People can get routine tasks done faster in a more user-friendly environment and are able to gain context through asking questions and collaborating.

Communities are key to effective HR service centers

The combination of self-services and social on SharePoint also allows you to provide compelling support in all HR related questions. If an employee has a HR question, he or she can simply post that question without knowing the right expert. Based on explicit (profile-based) or implicit (activity based) routing the question finds the best expert, who can reply immediately. Another advantage occurs when the next employee starts to type a similar question and he or she gets a list of related questions and the answers. This saves time and encourages knowledge transfer as experts do not have to answer similar questions again.


Targeted HR communications to make people aware and reduce the noise

In addition to increasing productivity with question and answers, the combination of SAP and social on SharePoint gives you the ability to better target your internal communications. Instead of sending mass emails and creating a lot of distraction, you are able to segment the right target audience, promote a message to make sure that they recognize it and start a dialogue around that message. This helps to reduce the volume of communication dramatically and allows people to enter an engaging dialogue.

I think you’ll find that the new social workplace (or engagement workplace) will drive profound workplace transformation. If you would like to see it in action, we'll be happy to show you at the following events:


Not going to either of these conferences? Check out one of our demo webinars or contacts us to learn more.


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Markus Von Aschoff, VP, Portfolio Management

Markus has spent his entire career helping technology companies ensure that innovation stays at the forefront of growth and educating on how to communicate between the product and the market. Prior to Sitrion he has co-founded a strategy consulting company, helped entrepreneurs to quadruple their business and started two martial arts schools having trained more than 500 martial arts students.

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