Collective 2014 – Sydney Style

The top floor blinds at the historic Australian Museum were raised over a warm autumn sky in the harbour city, where Collective 2014 Asia-Pacific was to be launched. With the Collective Warm-Up for our prospects having been held the night prior, the big day for our customers and partners had finally arrived.


There was an impressive line-up of speakers, with the likes of Michael Sampson (Collaboration Strategist), Allison Michalk (CEO, Quipp), Doug Wolfson (Pivot Consulting), Josh Evans (LJ Hooker), Marcus Dervin (Webvine), Anne Bartlett-Bragg (The Ripple Effect Group), and of course our very own Daniel Kraft.


Daniel kicked us off with his keynote where he highlighted the concepts of the social workplace, smart routines, and the importance of mobility. He also took the opportunity to address a question that would often come up since NewsGator’s rebranding to Sitrion. On this, his message was clear: If you are asking whether we are moving away from social and changing into an ERP company, absolutely not. If you are asking if we are bringing social into your everyday work processes to make work better and making social real, then yes!


Adoption & Engagement

Audience comment: "If you talk to me about adoption that really doesn't mean much. But engagement I can see in employees." - @slybeer


One of the topics of conversation to be highlighted was the debate around adoption as a metric and whether or not it equals effective engagement. Should adoption numbers even be considered or evangelized as a measure of success or are we missing what truly effective engagement in a social network means? It’s this innovative thinking around the future of work and how the enterprise will engage and retain the new generations coming into the workforce that is driving organizations to re-evaluate how they are doing business today and what it might look like in the future.

It was impressive to see the enterprise considering these types of questions and starting to truly examine the human element of work from a new perspective.



"Everyone needs to be thinking like a curator. It's a mindset" - @AnneBB


As the Collective was held in a museum, a particularly interesting topic stemmed from Anne and Ripple Effect’s topic of “curation” in the social enterprise, that being, whose role it is to curate?


A brief chat with the audience confirmed every organisation is at a different stage of social maturity along their journey – but the definition of curation remains universal. It also does not matter how large or small the organisation, as we had examples from all sizes such as AMP, LJ Hooker, NPS and newcomers like ING Direct and Department of Communications.

What its all about

Well done @Sitrion - great event, focused on your customer community & themes, not just your product. Well worth attending - @chieftech


As with Sitrion’s platform and offering, this year’s Collective was based on customer feedback and suggestions from the previous year.


The entire agenda was focused on providing tools to educate and arm the front-line social champions with ways to foster collaboration. There’s no better way to enable those champions than with stories, and as organisers of Collective, Sitrion’s main goal was to curate the best stories and present them – not to just talk about technology and features.


It was great to see customers share stories of how “they’ve been there and done that,” and it is all indicative of an evolving social market that is looking past the checkbox of “Install a Social Solution.” Instead, they are really thinking about these solutions, what they mean and how they can align with the ever-changing workplace.


At the end of the day when it came time for the panel, the audience huddled closely together, and you could feel atmosphere of the room change. We were like a family with as much sharing from the audience as there was from the panel itself. Discussion, sharing and debate were on free-flow, and would most likely have continued if it were not for the sound of champagne bubbling away at the bar.


Thank you to our partners OBS, Antares Solutions and Microsoft for helping to put together a very high quality Collective, we look forward to continuing the many discussions that we’ve started with our customers and partners.



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