Collective 365, Connected Every Day in 2015

The Next Phase of the Collective

I’m excited today to launch an all-online/offline event series for Sitrion customers and friends. In 2015, we’re inviting our customers to be connected to us every day – 365 days a year. 

By this we mean providing an awesome lineup of digital and face-to-face events that will span across the entire year. We’ve taken the best of what we know – Sitrion TALKS, our regular roundtable calls, online chats, webinars, and meet-ups – and merged them into a single identity and uber-conference that we call Collective 365.

Any device, anywhere, any time.

Our customers gave us lots of feedback in 2014, and we learned a number of key things. For example, we know our customers love to connect with us in person, but they’d like to do it more than once a year. We also heard that they would love an ongoing educational program, but tighter budgets mean travel is not always an option. This year, we are bringing the content right to their fingertips. And since it’s digital, everything is recorded and share-able. So there’s no reason why any of our customers – from Tokyo to New York City to Paris – should miss a single piece of content again.
There’s a sample of the Q1 2015 program below! I can’t wait to start sharing such great content and talking to our customers in our new digital forum.

What’s on the Agenda for Collective 365 in Q1 2015

- Moments of Productivity – The New World of Enterprise Technology
- Shifting Mindsets – Preparing Your Workforce for Technology of the Future

- Community Management Deep Dive
- A Tour Inside Our Customer Network, Engage

- Breaking Down Barriers With Sitrion Social
- The Future of Internal Communications

In-Person User Groups 
- Chicago
- Minneapolis
- Sydney

And a Networking Cocktail Reception at Microsoft Ignite!

Ping me if you have any ideas for events or content you’d like to see in the next few months. This content is for you so I value your feedback! @lukesinclair

Luke Sinclair, Director of Community

Luke's personal mission is to to make employees smile and love their workplace by lighting up social networks and online employee communities, empowering the voice of the employee. Luke’s roll is critical to the survival of humanity; by nurturing better relationships at work, people are happier, healthier and have a better life which in turn leads to world peace! Luke brings his vision for engagement to all things Sitrion where he helps make social a reality for businesses around the world.


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