Congratulations to Mastercard, our 2013 Customer of the Year

Congratulations to MasterCard on this prestigious award! I cannot think of a more deserving customer. This is the second year we've given an award for customer of the year, and knowing that Sitrion has a huge customer base where we have lots of successful customers, winning this award is a big deal.

MasterCard and Sitrion have been working closely together over the past four years on social collaboration for their enterprise. In fact, MasterCard will tell you that Sitrion is one of only two vendors considered strategic or critical to their collaboration programs, and Sitrion has the same perspective. MasterCard is one of a handful of customers that is part of Sitrion’s strategic account program. Sitrion and MasterCard see strategic partnering as a pre-requisite for current and future success. MasterCard participates in Sitrion’s future product direction and Sitrion participates in MasterCard’s collaboration future direction as well. It’s a win-win for all.


MC Central, MasterCard’s collaboration platform, found themselves at 60% adoption four months after going global with their enterprise rollout in mid-2013.  These numbers are pretty good. Adoption rates of MC Central now are certainly much higher. Education and training, along with an evangelist and community management programs, have helped to buoy MC Central adoption. Global Corporate Communications is the business owner of the collaboration program at MasterCard and is also one of the main content delivery vehicles for MasterCard. Forward thinking and constantly pushing Sitrion on feature sets and direction, Global Corp Comm, along with one or two MasterCard visionaries, are a major part of their recipe for success. In fact, I understand one of the visionaries just got themselves promoted for their great work on MC Central. This individual is now responsible for the overall collaboration strategy for the platform.


As is usually the case with most customers that embrace social, this is a cultural shift for MasterCard employees. MasterCard is on the forefront of Innovation and the utilization of social collaboration to promote continued Innovation and provide them with a competitive advantage is key. Again, congratulations to MasterCard for being named Sitrion's 2013 Customer of the Year!


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