Cracking the enterprise mobility nut

Roundtable: Real Advice to Tackle Your Mobile Strategy

We all love and use our mobile phones to quickly check the news, find the best route, or chat with our friends. First thing most of us do in the morning, even before brushing our teeth, is scan the notifications on our mobile lock screen. In fact, nine years after Steve Jobs gave his famous iPhone keynote, more than 90% of all working millenials in the U.S. own at least one smartphone. 

Pew Center Research: Smartphone Ownership
But enterprise mobility has its challenges

But here’s the catch: In the workplace, enterprise mobility still has its challenges. If you‘re a manager and want to check the latest KPIs or approve some invoices on the road, during lunch, or at home, there is a pretty high chance that you have to open multiple apps or websites with different passwords. Furthermore, you need to connect to a VPN or are only allowed to use a MDM-controlled corporate smartphone.

The reality for employees

Now, let’s think about the regular employee who works in a retail store or in a production plant: They've been using Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, emails etc. on their personal mobile for years. But, calling in sick, checking their latest payslip, or getting informed about the latest employer announcements, still requires them to perform a lot of analogue work, such as filling out paper forms or reading news on a black board.
This is 2016, and everyone is talking about the cloud and 'mobile first', but reality shows that only a small fraction of the working population can even access corporate data from their mobile devices. Of course, there is a lot of complexity in terms of security, data privacy, infrastructure, and integrations involved, but so far, consumer platforms are far ahead of anything that we see in the enterprise space. 

Successes going mobile: A roundtable discussion

Enterprise mobility challenges vary greatly by industry, company size, and even structure, and Sitrion wants to take you on a journey to learn more about how our customers are addressing their unique challenges for mobilizing their entire workforce. I’ll be hosting a roundtable discussion on May 19th with three companies in healthcare, retail, and technology, who will discuss their unique experiences and the steps they are taking to make enterprise mobility not just a vision but a reality within their organizations – unfiltered and live.

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Roundtable: Real Advice to Tackle Your Mobile Strategy
Thursday, May 19 I 11am – 12pm ET
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Markus Dopp, Vice President of Mobile Solutions

As the co-founder of our SAP business practice, Markus leads our enterprise mobile solution – Sitrion ONE. He is passionate about cutting-edge mobile technologies and how ONE can make a difference for every user. Previously, Markus held positions in leading companies covering content management and Microsoft/SAP integration where his direction was instrumental in company growth. Whether in product management or sales, Markus inspires our customers with the vision of how work should be done – simplifying complex processes with an easily accessible and intuitive mobile experience.


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