Delivering SAP HR Self-Services Through Your SharePoint Intranet

The case for promoting employee self-services and manager self-services in HR has been well made over the last five years: reduce operational costs in HR and duplication of work by using technology to allow employees and managers to access core HR systems directly in order to update personnel records, request leave, check payslips, record time, etc.

The technology implementation of HR self-services however, seems largely to have forgotten the end user. Employees, particularly in the SAP ecosystem, are often directed to multiple portals and screens, that when you get there, serve up a functional, but otherwise unengaging user experience.

A Typical SAP HR Self-Service Interface

Some companies may justify poor user experience or HR self-service environments that may require the use of old browser versions or that do not work on the mobile devices that we all use today, by pointing at the efficiency gains in HR operations achieved by diverting manual data entry in HR to the employee.

According to McKinsey, engaged employees are likely to be more productive, innovative and effective in their work. At Sitrion we believe that you can have engaged and motivated employee and streamlined HR operations through HR self-services.

We believe that employees do not want to navigate multiple portals and interface to access core enterprise services, like HR resources. HR services should be made available directly in the corporate Intranet. As over 70% of companies currently use Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 as their Intranet platform; this is where HR self-services should be accessed from.

We also believe that the self-service experience should be inspiring, engaging and accessible on any device. Solutions like Sitrion's SmartRoutines framework allows users to interface with complex systems, like SAP, like never before. Who would have thought that no training would be required to interact with SAP?

SAP HR Self-Services with Sitrion SmartRoutines in Microsoft SharePoint

That is the experience of Sitrion SmartRoutine customers.

To learn more about accessing SAP HR self-services via Microsoft SharePoint/Office 365, Sitrion and Microsoft are hosting a joint webinar on Tuesday, November 4th at 10:00 GMT (the event will be recorded for those unable to attend). To attend and/or be sent a copy of the recording, please register here.


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Ronan Lavelle

Ronan Lavelle is Sitrion’s Sales Director for the UK and Ireland. He brings with him 18 years of experience in information, document, content, contract, and workflow management technologies. Beginning his career at Cambridge Market Intelligence (acquired by Gartner), he then held senior marketing and management roles at companies including Corechange, Hummingbird, and OpenText where he was General Manager for EMEA for eDOCS and the Mid-Market Line of Business. Ronan also spent several years working with start-ups, including Dolphin Software, which he co-founded, and as CEO of Azurati. Ronan is also an Advisory Board member of Brunel University Business School in London.

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