Deskless shouldn’t mean disconnected

Webinar on-demand: Deskless Shouldn't Mean Disconnected

Last week I hosted a webinar, "Deskless Shouldn't Mean Disconnected," about how to overcome the challenges of reaching and engaging your desk-less workforce. The topic seemed to resonate with a lot of people from every industry, so for those of you who couldn’t participate (probably because of working deskless), I wanted to share a quick recap. To view the on-demand webinar, click here

Mobile is rewriting the definition of work

The world of work is changing; there is a fundamental shift towards mobile devices in the workplace. This shift is being instigated by the consumer market where this change has already happened, and the definition what work is (office, 9-5, hierarchy, time vs. results, employee vs. freelancer) is being rewritten entirely. In a recent report, The Future of Mobile Experience Development, Forrester states, “Your customers and employees are making the mobile mind shift: 72% of information workers surveyed by Forrester in 2016 use smartphones for work.” In fact, with a forecasted 3.4 billion smartphones in use worldwide in 2016, the mobile mind shift rivals the internet revolution in the 2000s.

It is happening now

What we already know today is that for the next generation, mobile is the de facto standard channel to access information. We can see the shift towards mobile when we analyze the behavior of people with regards to news consumption, time spend digitally, and how to receive information and news.

On-demand Webinar: Deskless Shouldn't Mean Disconnected
Tear down barriers

As people have eagerly included mobile in their personal lives, it’s time to provide that real option in the workplace. From our perspective, productivity at work requires two main elements:

  1. The willingness to work, also known as employee engagement
  2. The ability to work, also known as employee empowerment


We see that the growth in time spent “digitally” is predominantly spent on smartphones. This is just telling you what people want if they have a choice. We also see that smartphones at work have almost reached the penetration of desktop and laptop computers as shown below. 

On-demand Webinar: Deskless Shouldn't Mean Disconnected
Nobody’s job is to fill out forms or browse portals

In the old (current) days, people had to actually know what information or process they were interested in. Various intranets, ERP systems, or CRM platforms provide web-based access channels that people can go to – but we all know that this can be cumbersome (e.g., VPN, credential hell, etc.) or simply impossible (e.g., cashier in a retail store). Poor adoption is the result of this. In the consumer world, people are used to receiving personalized and relevant information pushed to them in the context that they are currently living in. Some good examples of this shift to a service-driven world are Google Now, personalized Facebook ads, and even the upcoming AI assistants.
That’s why our focus with our Sitrion ONE solution is completely on BYOD, push-driven mobile services – the information and processes are coming to you in your work context and integrated with all of your on-premise and cloud systems.

Sitrion ONE: The ONE employee app
No email… no problem!

Even if parts of your workforce have no centrally-managed “corporate identity” in Active Directory (AD) or no email address, people can still use the Sitrion ONE mobile app. We are providing secure access options for both AD and non-AD users leveraging technologies like Microsoft ADFS, Azure AD, and even phone  number / SMS pin authentication (WhatsApp style).
Want to take a Test Drive? Are you ready to try out how it feels to be still connected to the pulse of your organization while working remotely? Check out our free test drive at

Join us for an upcoming webinar

HealthSouth’s Hive for Internal Communications
Wed, Oct 19 I 11am ET
I also invite you to join us for our next webinar where HealthSouth will share how they reached their deskless workforce with a mobile employee app. They'll discuss details and learnings about their mobile journey— from concept, to focus groups, to vendor selection, to implementation, and now rollout of their employee mobile app.

Markus Dopp, Vice President of Mobile Solutions

As the co-founder of our SAP business practice, Markus leads our enterprise mobile solution – Sitrion ONE. He is passionate about cutting-edge mobile technologies and how ONE can make a difference for every user. Previously, Markus held positions in leading companies covering content management and Microsoft/SAP integration where his direction was instrumental in company growth. Whether in product management or sales, Markus inspires our customers with the vision of how work should be done – simplifying complex processes with an easily accessible and intuitive mobile experience.


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